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Why Morality is the Only Thing We Should Legislate

By Selwyn Duke - Posted at Canada Free Press : “You can’t legislate morality!” is a common battle cry today. It’s thought to be a quintessentially American idea, even though the Founding Fathers never expressed such a sentiment. Nor did the early Americans who would unabashedly enforce a biblically based code of morality in their localities, both via social pressure and governmental laws, with transgressors sometimes spending time in stocks — or worse. No, our common battle cry is a modern idea, and one of modernism. It also betrays a fundamental, and dangerous, misunderstanding of law’s nature. In reality, the only thing we should legislate is morality. The only other option is legislating whims or immorality. One problem with addressing this issue, which I have done several times, is that many readers have a reason-clouding emotional reaction induced by the assumption that I’m advocating big government. So I’ll preface what follows by saying that even if we enact just one law —

Freshman Congressman Uses the Bible to Go After Fellow Republicans For Supporting LGBT Legislation

By William Stauff - Posted at : Congressman Rick Allen decided to go into enemy territory in Washington DC and he brought his Bible to condemn Barack Obama’s LGBT legislation. Time after time we’ve seen Barack Obama steamroll his LGBT agenda. We’ve seen Obama’s tyrannical approach way too many times. Obama’s latest push was pushing Transgender bathroom policies by punishing public institutions and schools who did not bow to the Rainbow Jihad. Congressman Rick Allen, fresh off his latest primary victory from the 12th Congressional District in Georgia, was going to have no more of this. Enough was enough . Read more...

Worship the One Who Rules the Nations

By Angela Wittman - Posted at "For Christ's Crown and Covenant!" Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice: and let men say among the nations, The Lord reigneth. (1 Chron. 16:31, KJV) I recently entered into a discussion with some well-meaning conservatives about pluralism in America. The general consensus appears to be that they want pluralism and believe that having a poly-theistic nation is desirable. What surprises me is that they say they want America to return to her Christian roots, but also believe that people of all religious faiths should have freedom to worship their false gods. Perhaps I am just an old-fashioned puritan at heart, but this view of “freedom” by honoring multi-gods sounds double-minded to me. My hope and prayer is the conservatives who believe this will think a little harder and dig a little deeper into Scripture and see that their thinking is not founded on the Rock called Christ Jesus, nor is true liberty to be found anywhere bu

Classic Message: A Christian Manifesto

By Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer - Preached in 1982 at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Link:

Memorial Day: A Time To Distinguish Between Patriotism And Pulpit

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog : I love this my country. Despite the apparently never-ending efforts of those who seek to “fundamentally transform” into a replica of the European social-democratic states (which has provoked a Euro-nationalist-populist reaction), it is still a great country.Pace the president’s casual dismissal of our history, it is a unique country. Until the formation of the United States there were very few places in the world (I think there were none but I say “few” in case there were tiny, obscure examples of which I am ignorant) that constitutionally recognized and guaranteed the natural right of free political speech, religious freedom (not just a tightly circumscribed “freedom of worship”), freedom of association, and freedom of the press to name but a few. The United States is arguably (but not inevitably) an empire in the process of contraction but if that is true, it has been an empire erected partly for economic reasons to be sure

"The Daniel Prayer" - A Book That Will Move Your Credit Card, Change Your Bank Account, & Leave You Doctrinally Bewildered

By Bud Ahlheim - Posted at Pulpit and Pen : Released on May 10, 2016 Anne Graham Lotz’s latest book is sure to make its mark in the “Christian” publishing market. The reasons for this are twofold. The book is authored by someone with the evangelically hallowed name of “Graham,” which itself is enough cause to prompt the Biblically-astute to cast a discerning eye. Secondly, in the world of “Christian” publishing, false “prophets” create genuine profits. Already LifeWay, the media arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, is pushing this unscriptural nightmare on the unsuspecting and the undiscerning with an introductory offer priced at $16.99. (Which is exactly $16.98 more than I paid on Amazon for Ronnie Floyd’s The Power of Prayer and Fasting, overpriced though it was. Perhaps, if enough true Christians avoid Lotz’s latest lamentable tome, it too will rapidly sink to the deserved obscurity that Floyd’s achieved. Lotz will, by the way, be on hand at the LifeWay exhibit at

Helping Rural America in Crisis

By Kyle Borg - Posted at Gentle Reformation : In a recent article Anthony Bradley, professor of religious studies at The King’s College in New York, drew attention to the “ deadly crisis in rural America .” Citing analysis from The Washington Post and studies from the National Center for Health Statistics, Bradley noted the unusually high rate of suicides in rural areas. Such statistics, he believes, evidence the hopelessness, despair, and depression found in the same. Without giving any answers, he asks the provocative and necessary question: “Do conservative Protestants care? Have we traded off reaching hurt people with redemptive healing and hope for influence and power in places where Christians can have an ‘impact’ and ‘influence’ the culture? […] Why are evangelicals more excited about planting churches and missions in ‘alpha cities’ among artists, creatives, and professionals rather than the rural areas where people are suffering?” As a pastor in rural America these questio

Women Teaching Men: My Thoughts on Aimee’s and Mary’s Articles

By Michelle Lesley My friends and readers are the best. They are so sweet and helpful when it comes to making sure I stay up to date on what’s happening out there in Evangelicaland. It’s like having a little army of really smart co-laborers who are great at research. Last week, a couple of articles about women teaching men appeared on the Reformed complementarian women’s landscape, and several folks were kind enough to send them to me and ask for my reaction. I e-mailed the readers back with my responses, which I’ve posted below. What is Sunday School? What Does it Appear to Be? And Who Can Teach It? by Aimee Byrd May 18, 2016 I have loved and respected Aimee’s work as a writer and podcaster for a while. This article was apparently written to clarify some things that had been said on a Mortification of Spin podcast . Read more...

Sodomite West Point Class President, First Captain, Praised by VP Joe Biden at Graduation - May 21, 2016

By Steve Lefemine "The vice president saluted class president Eugene “E.J.” Coleman for publicly coming out as gay [ sic - sodomite ]." NY Daily News Vice President Biden salutes class president at West Point graduation for coming out as gay [sic - sodomite] _____________________________ _____________________________ Steve Lefemine: Make no mistake, women in the military, women at West Point, Sodomites at West Point and the US Military, are all detriments to national security. Those who wish to take down the United States are intentionally weakening our military and national defense.  The United States Congress has the authority and power to regulate the US Armed Forces. Any U.S. Congressman or U.S. Senator who is not opposing this wickedness, immorality, and foolishness is not properly defending this country against all enemies foreign and domesti

No, Hitler Was Not a Christian

By Matt Barber - Posted at Town Hall : “[T]he only way of getting rid of Christianity is to allow it to die little by little.” – Adolf Hitler Yes, there have been evil men who have done evil things in the name of false Christianity. To a limited degree, Adolf Hitler was one such man. Still, and as even he frequently admitted outside the public eye, he was no Christian. As a counterweight to stigma associated with the tens of millions slaughtered in the 20th century alone under the atheist regimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et al., the secular left is quick to thunder, “But what about Hitler? He was a Christian!” Bad news, kids. Herr Führer was your guy, too. Read more...

A Den of Satan

By Angela Wittman - Posted at For Christ's Crown and Covenant! Barack Obama speaking to Planned Parenthood (Image from Wintery Knight ) Dear Friends, I want to direct your attention to an article posted at Wintery Knight regarding Barack Obama's administration and recent demands on hospitals: Obama administration orders all hospitals to perform abortions and sex changes  . After reporting on these wicked orders, the author gives his opinion, which I wholeheartedly agree with: Right now, we live in a time where health care is under the control of the federal government. Many, many people of faith voted for a secular government to be in control of health care. They thought that it would be more “fair” than letting people control health care at the state or local level. Now they are finding out what happens when you let a big secular government take over huge parts of the economy. There are people of faith working in hospitals. If only their employer forced them to

Think Twice Before Voting For Gary Johnson As A Trump Protest Vote

By Kyle Sammin - Posted at The Federalist : Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s stance on government forcing people to participate in gay weddings is decidedly coercive. With the impending nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president, many disenchanted conservatives have been casting about for an alternative. Some have landed on Gary Johnson, a former Republican governor of New Mexico and current candidate for the Libertarian nomination for president. Johnson, who was also the Libertarian nominee in 2012, has much to recommend him—much more than a typical third-party candidate—but he is far from a perfect alternative. Conservatives should take a hard look before rallying to his standard, especially given his announcement today of Bill Weld as a running mate. On questions of religious liberty, Johnson’s instinct is often to take a position more like that of a secular Democrat than a Republican. Asked whether government should ban Muslim

In the light of current events By Persis - Posted at Out of the Ordinary : My opinion of politics has been marred ever since President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace. I may have only been a kid at the time, but even a kid knows cover-ups and lying aren't right. Any standard of "right" has undergone a slow deterioration from bad to worse over the years, so I am not encouraged by the state of my nation. It is also easy to become fearful and wonder what will happen to the church-at-large given the political and social climate. But the culture has never been a good metric of the progress of the Kingdom of God. History has shown time and time again that the gospel spreads and the church flourishes in the most adverse circumstances, proving once more that the foolishness of God is wiser than men. ( 1 Cor. 1:25 ) I am not advocating being an "ostrich," but there comes a point when I need to turn off the news feed. A glut of people's opinions onl

Polishing Brass on a Sinking Ship

By Evan Murch - Posted at Evan's Scattered Thoughts : When a Christian routinely brings up an issue like politics, or combats an evil like abortion or homosexuality, there will inevitably come a time when he is told by fellow professing Christians political or social involvement is merely “polishing brass on a sinking ship,” and one should only be concerned about saving souls. However, much of what is confused for “brass polishing” is actually hole plugging, which I will address later. The “Ship” in this analogy represents the world, and the idea is that the world is irreparably falling into destruction and chaos, and therefore, we should only be concerned with saving as many people as we can before the end. I happen to really like the imagery of the analogy, but I think it needs some tweaking in light of what the Bible says about the world and our duty as Christians. To whom does the Ship belong? The psalmist David wrote, “The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; t

Obama's actions either sinister or delusional

By Charlie Butts - Posted at One News Now : A traditional values expert is calling on America to respond and fight the effort to allow boys into girls’ restrooms, locker rooms and showers in public facilities. President Obama told that the idea behind his policy directed at schools - suggesting they can lose federal money and be sued if they choose not to comply - is to protect the few students who are transgender. Matt Barber, a constitutional attorney and founder of , is appalled at Obama's statement that he wants to protect the dignity of those students who might claim to be transgender. “No, we need to worry about the dignity and innocence and purity of young girls who are being placed in harm's way by this lawless edict by this presidential administration,” he says. “This president knows that what he is doing is lawless. He's knows that at best it is disingenuous; at worst, completely dishonesty." Read more...

U.S. Senate Unanimously Confirms Nation’s First Openly Homosexual Army Secretary

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network : WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate has confirmed the nomination of Eric Fanning to serve as Army secretary—a move that homosexual groups note make him the nation’s first openly homosexual secretary of the Army. “I’m honored by today’s Senate confirmation and thrilled to return to lead the total Army team,” he said in a statement on Tuesday. Fanning had previously served as special assistant to Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work. He also served as the undersecretary of the Air Force from 2013 to 2015, and for a time was the acting secretary of the Air Force. Read more...

The Common Core Hoax

By Robert R. Logan, PhD - Posted at Truth in American Education : When I was a professor I used to put a proposed law up on an overhead projector entitled the “Care for Infants Act”. In the body of the Act, I described grinding up children and turning them into food and fertilizer in deceptive language but clear enough to anyone who was actually thinking. Then I would have the students discuss whether the government had any business interceding in the sovereignty of the family in cases of abuse or neglect. It was rare that a student would raise their hand and object that the debate had nothing to do with the act they were voting on. I could usually see some confused faces, but it was terribly easy to misdirect peoples’ attention and get them squabbling about something they wanted to argue about anyway. That is how I got them to pass the Care for Infants Act. The only thing Bill Gates has done differently is bribe people for their vote. I could have gotten 100% p

Christians May Lose Their Legal Defense

By Pastor Shawn Mathis - Posted at Caffeinated Thoughts : Less than a decade ago, few would have imagined homosexual marriage would become the law of the land. Maybe the same will be written ten years from now, only about the absence of Christian lawyers and judges. That’s right. The Second Sexual Revolution is not satisfied with just excluding Christians from the service industry as florists, photographers and bakers— it is excluding the law profession, too . Part of the groundwork was laid almost twenty years ago in Stropnicky v. Nathanson . This Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling determined that attorneys are part of the “public accommodation” clause in an existing anti-discrimination law. The feminist lawyer defending her freedom to accept only female clients lost. But the irony was likely not lost on the feminist. Fast forward to today. The American Bar Association is currently considering tightening their conduct rules to include sexual orientation and gender iden

United Church of Christ News: President Obama appoints UCC transgender leader to presidential council

Barbara Satin Posted at : A member of the United Church of Christ’s former Executive Council and a transgender leader within the denomination has been appointed to serve on President Barack Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-based Neighborhood Partnerships. Barbara Satin is the first transgender woman to serve on the advisory council. "Given the current political climate, I believe it's important that a voice of faith representing the transgender and gender non-conforming community—as well as a person of my years, nearly 82—be present and heard in these vital conversations," said Satin, who was involved in the church’s 2003 decision to affirm the inclusion of transgender people in the full life and ministry of the UCC. Read more... See also: Obama Appoints Man Who Identifies as Woman to Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships Council (Christian News Network)

Nudge Not Lest Ye Be Nudged

By Pastor Jim Jenkins - Posted at Herescope : I love Fridays. There are predictable events. They will offer clam chowder at your favorite restaurant. Perhaps it is pizza night. School’s out for the weekend and… The mullahs are whipping up the obligatory “Death to America” chants at Friday prayers. Oh, and the federal government will announce its most odious dictates just in time to catch everyone distracted. President Obama, who is ostensibly responsible for protecting the United States (while Russian and Chinese fighters are buzzing our naval ships unchallenged) ‘ordered’ (another report used the word ‘decreed’) public schools (those that receive federal funds) to immediately make the necessary adjustments to see to it that the bathrooms are accessible to any student who self-identifies as the opposite sex. There was an immediate, albeit tepid response from someone claiming to be a spokesman for evangelicals that, “We haven’t given the process eno

States Lining Up With North Carolina – AGAINST Barack Obama

By Robert Gehl - Posted at The Federalist Papers : So far 13 states have condemned Barack Obama’s unconstitutional overreach in attempting to require transgender-friendly restrooms, showers and locker rooms in all public places. Most of the fracas began in North Carolina, where the state’s new HB2 law – requiring people to use restrooms consistent with their biological sex – was immediately challenged by the Justice Department. North Carolina immediately filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department for executive overreach. In the same week, Obama issued a “guidance letter,” (a threat, really) to all public schools that they must allow transgender students and staff to use whichever restroom they please. Read more...

Strange Times: Donald Trump is Lost and Leading Evangelicals Seem Unconcerned

By Seth Dunn - Posted at Pulpit & Pen : Donald Trump, like many nominal Presbyterians , is lost. Everything about Trump’s public statements and behavior indicates that, if he died today, Donald Trump would spend an eternity in Hell. This, in and of itself, should concern believers and arouse not their scorn but their compassion. Regardless of how Trump is viewed as a political candidate, his lostness should be of utmost concern to the children of God. The same is true for Hilary Clinton who seems as nominally Christian and spiritually dead as Trump. Yet the lostness of these two souls seems to be of the least to concern to many politically-minded professional talking-head Christians. Liberty University professor, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, made a recent post on Facebook that seems to illustrate this very clearly. [1] The first “leading evangelical” to whom Prior refers is Jerry Falwell, Jr. Falwell is the President of Liberty University, which claims to be “the w

Enemies of the State

By Todd Pruitt - Posted at 1517/ Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals : My mind boggles over both the swiftness and comprehensiveness of the new sexual revolution. It is a revolution that has as one of its goals the complete overthrow of Scripture’s teaching on the nature of humanity and the sexual boundaries which are vital to human health and flourishing. Today brought news that the Obama Administration, finding free time between battling international terrorism and record-breaking under employment has issued a decree to our nation’s public schools : Conform or else. The following guidelines explaining the new “obligations” of public schools are from  the joint report issued by our nation’s departments of Justice and Education: • Respond promptly and effectively to sex-based harassment of all students, including harassment based on a student’s actual or perceived gender identity, transgender status or gender transition; • Treat students consistent with their gender ide

Investigating The Invisibles: Pakistsani Christian Asylum Seekers In Thailand

Posted at Voice of the Persecuted: ( Voice of the Persecuted ) Based on the abuse Pakistani Christians face, it’s striking to our group how often they’re overlooked and ignored. We set out to why they are what we call the “invisibles”. After speaking with many Christians from Pakistan and those frozen in time in Thailand, and Malaysia, we found some very interesting facts. While it’s impossible to obtain numbers to prove there is a clear bias from the UNHCR in these countries in regard to Christians, what we did found was mind-boggling. At the time of this posting, we are still waiting on the UNHCR Bangkok office to send the statistics. When the information is received, we’ll give you an update. The UNHCR office in Thailand recently demanded all Christian Asylum seekers report for a new identity card. They quickly told them this was not a work permit, and would not offer anything more than identification. But unfortunately, the Thai Government is not recognizing this ID no

Mississippi religious liberty law challenged

By Tom Strode - Posted at Baptist Press : WASHINGTON (BP) -- Mississippi is now headed to federal court over its effort to protect the religious freedom of individuals who object to same-sex marriage and restroom use based on gender identity. Two organizations -- the American Civil Liberties Union and the Campaign for Southern Equality -- challenged the state's Protecting Freedom of Conscience From Government Discrimination Act May 9 and 10, respectively. Filing its suit on behalf of a same-sex couple, the ACLU described Mississippi's new law as unconstitutionally discriminatory and asked a federal judge to block enforcement of the measure before it takes effect July 1. Read more...

Christian Schools Must Be Ready to Stand Firm as Threats to Religious Liberty Increase

By Katie Heller - Posted at Alliance Defending Freedom : I don’t know about you, but I am a little nervous about the state of our country, especially since we’ve, once again, put the safety of all our children at risk to placate powerful anti-liberty special interests. In recent weeks we’ve seen the Department of Education (DOE) threaten to withdraw Title IX funding from numerous public school districts if they did not open their school restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex in violation of student privacy and safety. And, in a game of political chicken, the DOE continues to aggressively push to get what it wants—complete submission. Although this push is happening primarily in public schools, who’s to say Christian schools won’t be next? We’ve already seen the backlash on Catholic schools for requiring their staff to follow the tenets of the Catholic faith. That is why Christian school officials and leaders must be ready to take a stand when their schools a

Dear GOP it’s not you, it’s me. (a break up letter)

By  Brandon Craig  - Posted at  The Reformed Layman: Dear Republican Party, We can’t see each other anymore. It just isn’t working and things are miserable for both of us. It’s not you it’s me. Sure you deserve your fair share of blame, but I take responsibility for dragging this out so long when it should have been over for us years ago. We are just too different to stay together. Our values are too different (that is if you still have any values at all). We want completely different things and it is the end of the road for us. As I said you deserve some of the blame here. Those of us who are for limited government and personal liberty initially sought after you because you are the party who has historically claimed to value those things as well. Sure we could see that you had lost your way a bit but we thought surely we can bring you back to the principles that you were supposed to stand for. So we had Ron Paul run for president. He valued limited government. He

The Lost Art of Disagreement

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson - Image from By Samuel D. James Toward the end of their lives, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were estranged. Years of political tensions, ideological disagreements, personal rivalries and perhaps bit of misunderstanding had all but snuffed out one of the great friendships in American political history. But one day, Adams’ physician and fellow Revolutionary, Benjamin Rush, suggested that his aging patient write to Mr. Jefferson, ceasing decades of silence. For reasons still not entirely clear, Adams did write, and the result was the beginning of what historian and Adams biographer David McCullough descibes as “one of the most extraordinary correspondences in American history.” The Adams-Jefferson letters are remarkable, but not because of their powerful rhetoric or political genius. Rather, the private conversation of the second and third presidents’ reveals a profound respect and affection for one another, even as the two patri

Shaming and Blaming

Posted at The Truth About Moscow : Moscow-Pullman Daily News Letter to the Editor: “Shaming & blaming”   The Daily News’ website includes the live link to Katie Botkin’s site. I inserted the other two links for context and new readers. * * *  Shaming and blaming   What doesn’t the Daily News grasp about the harm done by shaming and blaming abused persons? Following its coverage of the University of Idaho’s sexual assault awareness event, the paper published two character assassinations of the keynote speaker and her family, both by her convicted abuser’s public mouthpiece.  The paper was under no journalistic burden to publish the first attack piece in its news space. The second attack, as a letter to the editor , was just piling on. Because both pieces were published, the paper should have used its own editorial space to side with the people who were abused. Read more...  See also: Addendum to this morning's letter to the editor (The Truth About Mosco

Obama's Transgender Mother's Day Proclamation

Posted at Culture News : To President Obama, EVERY occasion is an opportunity to advocate the Gay/Transgender Agenda ... "On Mother's Day, we celebrate those who are the first to welcome us into the world. . . . Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, mothers have always moved our Nation forward and remained steadfast in their pursuit of a better and brighter future for their children. . . . They are inspiring embodiments of strength and determined drivers of progress, and through their example, our youth learn the values of grace, empathy, and kindness. For generations, mothers have led the charge toward a freer, more inclusive country . . ." Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Proclamation of Mother's Day, 2016  posted at The White House - Office of the Press Secretary Read more... 

Roy Moore suspended from office: Alabama chief justice faces removal over gay marriage stance

By Kyle Whitmire - Posted at For the second time in his career, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore faces charges before the Alabama Court of the Judiciary and potential removal from office. Until that court hears and rules on those charges, Moore will be suspended with pay from his position atop the state's highest court. On Friday, the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission forwarded charges to the commission, accusing the chief justice of violating judicial ethics in his opposition to same-sex marriage. Read more... HT: Tennessee Christian News

Connecting the NAR dots: Gumbel, Brodersen and the Neo-Calvary emergence

By Amy Spreeman - Posted at Berean Research : Yes, London is the hot spot for next week’s big gathering of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leaders, peddling their latest “words from God” and visions from the realms of glory. Before you say “ho hum, another heretic convention,” let me point out what makes it newsworthy. These are the false teachers now being embraced by some mighty big church hitters from several mainline denominations. The Empowerment 21 Conference May 11-13 showcases all the usual cast of prophets and prophetesses, plus one more: Nicky Gumbel, the Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton. This should make those in the Calvary Chapel movement squirm, as it points to yet another recent signpost of a departure from Chuck Smith’s original standards and doctrinal distinctives — not to mention warnings against these dangerous wolves. Read more...

No, a Vote for a Third Party (or Abstaining from Voting) Is not the Same as a Vote for Hillary

By Brandon Craig - Posted at The Reformed Layman : Now that it has become clear that the Republican candidate will be Donald Trump and that the Democrat candidate will be Hillary Clinton, the accusations have already begun against all who have said they will not vote for either candidate. “A vote for a third party or refraining from voting altogether is the same as a vote for Hillary”, or “if you vote third party we have you to thank for Hillary becoming president”. I intend to give several reasons why this is false and why there is no need to give in to the guilt trip. The first and most obvious reason is that a vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary whereas not voting for her is one less vote than she would receive if you did vote for her. While this is painfully obvious, those who make such accusations seem to not get this. My first response is “oh so in that case you would be just as okay with me voting for Hillary as you would with me voting third party or just abstain

Continued Non-Conformity

By Angela Wittman Hillary Clinton (Wikipedia) While following the 2016 Presidential jockeying of the candidates from both political parties, I fear we will have Hillary in the White House. This is abhorrent to me for many reasons: she's un-apologetically pro-abortion, flip-flops on issues, is untrustworthy and frankly, she's a woman. I realize other nations have had respectable women as leaders, and I admit Margaret Thatcher did much good for Great Britain, but Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher. She simply doesn't have the moral clarity or Christian foundation needed to be a good leader. And I just don't see the Republicans as being much better than the Democrats on social issues. I lack confidence in their ability to make any significant changes; for example, they lack the backbone to take a stand for the absolute end of the murder of the preborn. They are also too divided among themselves, and I don't believe they're able to win the White House in