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The Next 1460 Days

Posted at KeepLifeLegal: The new Oval Office Resident will do whatever it takes to make this economy so hostile that we will “need” unlimited abortion laws, up to birth. In fact he wants to codify Roe to supersede state Constitutions and laws to make abortion available in every state. THIS IS WHY YOUR LOCAL ELECTIONS MATTER. So there goes the Tenth Amendment. And pretty much the rest of them. Joe and Kam want your guns. ALL OF THEM. But they are protected by guns, you say. And you would be correct. I mean, look at the 25K ARMED SOLDIERS in DC for the inauguration alone. They have proven through Big Tech that they will shut down your freedom of speech and religion. PROVEN. No need to go further. Read more...

Six Principles of Conservatism

 By Shane Vander Hart - Posted at Caffeinated Thoughts : Kirk’s Six Principles of Conservatism Shane Vander Hart: Conservatism is about principles, not personalities or politics. Russell Kirk offers some principles to help formulate a working definition. What is conservatism, and who can rightly call themselves conservative? I don’t think there is a single silver bullet answer to that. I believe drawing from a consensus of thought can develop some guardrails to what defines conservative thought. Conservatism, first and foremost, is about principles, not personalities, and not even politics. It’s a lens with which we view society. Conservatism is not about Ronald Reagan, and it is not about Donald Trump. If we sacrifice principles for politics or a personality, we are no longer operating from a conservative worldview. Read more...

Big Tech Doesn’t Censor Conservatives, and Other Myths

Image Source: Wikipedia By Kurt Mahlburg - Posted at Cross and Culture: For several years, I’ve been highlighting Big Tech bias when I encounter it, knowing that my ability to do so online may not last forever. I’ve received a lot of pushback to this. The many examples I’ve provided were algorithmic anomalies, I was told—and I may in fact be suffering from a victimhood complex. So last week’s deplatforming of President Trump and the Big Tech purge that followed it is surely the smoking gun that proves my case once and for all, right? Wrong. The narrative has suddenly now changed from Big Tech doesn’t censor conservatives to Big Tech platforms can censor anyone they like because they’re private companies. This cognitive sidestep has been described by author Rod Dreher as the Law of Merited Impossibility . In short, Dreher’s law goes like this: “It will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it.” We have definitely moved from the “it will never happen” to the “when it do

Capitol: Sacred?

Posted at the Domain for Truth: Last week I have wrote about my disapproval of what happened at the Capitol on January 6th here: Wicked is the Doctrine of Regeneration through Chaos . In that article I mentioned the danger of the doctrine of regeneration through chaos. But there’s something I want to say about the response of some who condemned the incident that I’m concerned about biblically. It is a biblical point that is important for the Christian. I noticed that some bring in religious terminology to talk about the Capitol. What was fascinating to me is how some of the people that invoked the sacred are also the same ones who would condemn American nationalism or American exceptionalism or a vision of America as Messianic. Read more...

Amen Has a Meaning

 Posted at Reformation Scotland: As many are aware, a Democratic congressman in the USA ended an opening prayer to “the monotheistic God” on the first day of the new Congress by saying not simply “amen” but “amen and a-woman.” The phrase of course is a Hebrew word with no connotations of gender. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, a United Methodist minister, responded by saying that it was intended to be “a light-hearted pun in recognition of the record number of women” serving in Congress. Clearly it was a mockery of a prayer. But it certainly got people reaching for the definition of Amen as “so be it”. Yet few perhaps realised just how far it cheapened such a vital word. There is far more meaning to the word than we may realise. Since we use the word so often, ought we not to know something more of its fuller significance? The Shorter Catechism crisply summarises aspects of the significance when it says “in testimony of our desire, and assurance to be heard, we say, Amen” (Question 107).