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Children and consent: How eugenics is parallel in James Younger case

By Carole Novielli - Posted at Saynsumthn's Blog: What happens when a state or a judge for that matter orders the bodies of young children to be forever altered under the guise of medicine? Well, I think we already know because history is a great teacher. After all, under eugenics programs targeted at poor whites and a majority of minorities we witnessed the abuse of state eugenics courts who ordered the surgical sterilization of men, women and children (too young to consent) in the name of public health. And, while some were complicit in this monstrous part of our history, many others said and did nothing to stop it. Today, the James Younger case out of Texas parallels this tragic time in history and reveals how the state can potentially yank children from a parent and pump them full of hormones to force them to become another gender. Jamers Younger (Image: Past is reflection of the Present: “Unnamed patient records from the 1920s document hundre

Hillary 'in awe of' eugenicist PP founder Sanger

By Michael Haverluck - Posted at One News Now : Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of her 2016 campaign has highlighted her adoration of the abortion giant’s controversial founder Margaret Sanger, to whom she stands “in awe.” Despite the proximity to Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby body parts scandal last year, Clinton has intensified her support for so-called “women’s reproductive rights.” Established by Sanger nearly 100 years ago, Planned Parenthood is looking to Clinton to keep its legacy going into another century, as its president, Cecile Richards, said last week that “everything Planned Parenthood has believed in and fought for over the past 100 years is on the ballot.” Richards and other abortion activists regard Clinton as their truest advocate and believer to fight for them — considering her to be the embodiment of everything they represent on the November ballot. Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Clinton

The Making of "Bible Bill" Aberhart

Posted at Leben : Official Portrait of the Honourable William Aberhart by Nicholas de Grandmaison, 1943. Used by permission of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. Perhaps, no single figure better personifies the prophet-politician than William Aberhart, who ruled the Province of Alberta with an idiosyncratic mix of premillenial prophecy, bizarre economic theories and an authoritarian fist. Born on December 30, 1878, to a German immigrant in what is today East Huron, Ontario, William Aberhart was a middling and unexceptional student who busied himself learning to play various instruments. His father died in 1910 when, reaching under the counter of a pharmacy owned by William's brother Charles, the senior Aberhart mistakenly took a long pull from a bottle that turned out to be carbolic acid, not the whiskey his son usually put there for him. William, now living in Calgary, did not make the trip home for the funeral. He dabbled at several professions befor

Eugenics and the American Church

By Wayne C. Johnson - Posted at Leben : Margaret Sanger lobbying Congress, 1932 In the early years of the 20th Century, the "science" of eugenics spread across America, from pulpits to statehouses, with religious zeal. The underlying premise of the eugenics movement was that the undesirable traits of parents would invariably be passed on to their children. While the scientific basis for this assumption had little data to support its conclusions, the new "science" was quickly embraced by the American progressive movement and many of the wealthy. Early funding for eugenics projects came from such well-heeled Americans as John Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and oil magnate and founder of the 3-in-1 Oil Company, James Noah H. Slee, the second husband of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. The term eugenics was coined by Sir Francis Galton, a British anthropologist, progressive and scientist. The Galton family were prosperous Quakers who made their fortune in m

Where's the truth about 'honoree' Margaret Sanger?

By Charlie Butts - Posted at One News Now: A group comprising mostly black pastors has made a strong request to the Smithsonian Institution regarding a display honoring Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and supporter of black eugenics. The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery prominently displays a bust of Sanger (right) in " The Struggle for Justice " exhibit. The exhibit features other notables such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and George Washington Carver. But Bishop E.W. Jackson, who heads S.T.A.N.D. as well as Ministers Taking a Stand, is objecting to Sanger's inclusion in the gallery. "It depicts her as a hero of justice – and of racial justice," he explains. "I mean, she's associated somehow with Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks – and the implication is that she's been some sort of champion for racial justice in America and somebody who Americans in general, and black Americans in particular, ought to support or ad

Planned Parenthood: A Commentary on its History and Philosophy

By Wendy Wright - Posted at Answers in Genesis: "Not many organizations achieve the impact that Planned Parenthood (PP) has had on Western culture. At its root is an evolutionary philosophy taken to its logical conclusion that man is merely an animal in the process of evolving to his ultimate potential. Largely at public expense, PP promotes the taking of human life while denigrating biblical morality and the sanctity of human life." In 2005 alone, Planned Parenthood received an incredible $882 million in gross revenue, with $63 million in “excess revenue” (profit). About a third of this gross revenue comes from U.S. taxpayers, and another hefty chunk comes from American corporations and foundations.1 This international “nonprofit” organization has over 120 affiliates operating more than 850 local health centers across the U.S., plus 78 partner organizations in 29 countries. Photo courtesy Library of Congress Margaret Sanger established the American Birth Control League (now