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Gun ownership up, gun violence down - Wintery Knight Posted at Wintery Knight: The mainstream media is using naive students like sock puppets to push an anti-self-defense agenda. I saw a clip where one of the children was explaining that armed teachers or security guards would not prevent school shootings. Instead, the solution being suggested by those on the left is to ban all semi-automatic weapons – which would mean confiscating nearly every firearm used for self-defense against criminals by law-abiding citizens. So, does having an armed security guard on staff work? Here’s a story from the Daily Caller : The Great Mills High School student who injured two others Tuesday morning was stopped by the school’s armed resource officer.  According to St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron, the school resource officer (SRO) fired a round at the shooter, who fired a round in return. The shooter is now dead, Cameron confirmed Tuesday morning, and an investigation will determine whet

Obama Promises “Executive Action” on Gun Control

By Gun Owners of America “Most Americans find it very offensive to hear the President use a tragedy like this, and instantly turn it into a political opportunity.” -- Erich Pratt, USA Today , October 5, 2015 ACTION: The President is trying to make an end-run around Congress and impose gun control by “Executive Action.” Please click here and use the pre-written letter to demand that Representatives make sure the new Speaker of the House will use the appropriations process to defund (aka, repeal) every illegal Executive Action on gun control. Oregon Residents Rebuke the President You probably remember the now-infamous mantra that we’ve heard from this White House: “You never let a good crisis go to waste.” Right? Well, the President traveled to Oregon today [10.09.2015] to further politicize the tragic shooting that occurred there last week. But residents of Roseburg are not amused, and they are decrying the President’s visit today. Over 8,000 people have signed onto a

The Unspoken Truth About Gun Control

By Gary North Political activists are more entrenched on this issue than any other issue in American life. Somebody might say that legalized abortion would be the top candidate. I don't think that's the case. Opponents of abortion are not going to change, but the degree of commitment has faded over the last two decades. The futility of trying to stop abortion has generally placed the issue on the back burners of the conservative movement, and also the back burners of most anti-abortionists. They would certainly vote against the extension of abortion, but they're not going to get actively involved in picketing or other anti-abortion activities that were common in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The original Operation Rescue is long gone. The fire has gone out of the anti-abortionist movement. It slogs along. The fire has not gone out of the gun-control fight. KNEE-JERK REACTIONS Every time there is a mass shooting, people who oppose gun control send lot