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'Bomb the churches': Trans-identified man indicted for threats to sexually assault Christian girls

Screenshot of video showing booking photo for Jason Lee Willie, of Nashville, Illinois. Screenshot/YouTube/SocialLifestyle By Ian M. Giatti - Posted at The Christian Post: Court docs: Suspect identified as 'open pedophile,' vowed 'many more and larger attacks on Christians' Published November 27, 2023 A trans-identified Illinois man and alleged self-described “pedophile” is facing charges for making social media threats to sexually assault Christian girls and commit copycat attacks similar to the attack at a Christian school in Tennessee earlier this year. Jason Lee Willie of Nashville, Illinois, was charged Nov. 7 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois with 14 felony counts of interstate communication of a threat to injure, according to a federal indictment . The threats, which are dated between March and August, include repeated references to Christians, black Americans, the Republican Party, and others. Among the alleged threats cited in the in

‘Terrified’ Palestinian Christians Fear Genocide, Murder at Hands of Islamic Extremists, Hamas

Coptic Church in Gaza Suburbs Photo: Stuart Geiger Posted at Voice of the Persecuted: Published November 20, 2023 ( Voice of the Persecuted ) You are invited to join us on Monday, November 20, 2023, in a prayer conference call hosted by Persecution Watch for the persecuted Church, Gaza and Israel. Joel Rosenberg issued an urgent plea to the Israeli government Friday, imploring leaders to quickly and systematically evacuate Christian Palestinians trapped in Gaza amid Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas. Rosenberg penned an open letter to “Israeli leaders at the highest levels of our government and the military,” detailing why he believes this evacuation must unfold. He spoke with CBN Digital on Friday to further frame the pressing matter. “It’s a terrible situation, as you can imagine,” he said. “Everybody in Gaza wants to be out of Gaza right now.” But Rosenberg stressed an important difference between the millions of Muslims living there and the 1,000 or so remaining Christian minority

Christian leader shot in the head while preaching at Glendale street corner

Image Source:  Christian leader shot in the head while preaching at Glendale street corner ( By Ben Bradley - Posted at Arizona's Family:  Published November 16, 2023 GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A congregation is in shock after a beloved religious leader was shot in the head while preaching on a Glendale street corner on Wednesday night. In an update on Friday morning, Glendale police say 26-year-old Hans Schmidt, a husband and father of two, remains in critical condition. It happened on the northwest corner of 51st and Peoria avenues around 6 p.m. Friends say Hans Schmidt was standing with a megaphone on the street corner, preaching the gospel to people passing by, something he’d apparently done countless times before. Only this time, someone pulled out a gun and shot him. Friends and family can’t understand why. “Who knows why someone would want to take it out on a preacher like that because he’s speaking the gospel and good news to everybody. He’s out to help the commun

Christian Co-ed Kidnapped, Forced to Convert in Nigeria

Student Dorcas Adedayo Adekanola is still missing after Kaduna State University personnel abducted her and forced her to convert to Islam.  (Campus Watch Mission)  Posted at Morning Star News: University aiding in forcible Islamization, watchdog group says. Published October 25, 2023 ABUJA, Nigeria ( Morning Star News ) – Personnel of Kaduna State University have aided in the kidnapping and forcible conversion to Islam of a Christian student, according to a campus watchdog group. Dorcas Adedayo Adekanola, a 20-year-old, first-year chemistry student at the university, was an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Students when other members noticed her absence last month, according to leaders of Campus Mission Watch (CMW). Her parents received a phone call on Sept. 20 from Christian students saying they were distressed that she was acting strange before her disappearance. “She was always looking scared, which shows she was being threatened by the Islamists on campus,” CMW leaders

Terrorists Kill 16 Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria

 Posted at Morning Star News: Published September 29, 2023 Onslaught continues in southern part of state. ABUJA, Nigeria ( Morning Star News ) – Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists this week killed 15 Christians in Kaduna state, Nigeria, following the slaying of another one last week, sources said. The assailants on Wednesday (Sept. 27) attacked predominantly Christian Angwan Magaji village, Kauru County, killing three Christians, after attacking Kigam village on Tuesday, where three others were slain, said Abel Habila Adamu, an area community leader. The terrorists also wounded four others in the two villages, he said. 'We are saddened to inform you with a heavy heart about a resurgence of attacks on Christians by the armed Fulani herdsmen and terrorists,' Adamu said in a text message to Morning Star News. 'Indeed, our land is bleeding, and the blood of innocent Christians cries profusely for justice.' Continue here. 

Many Persecuted Christians Do Not Find Refuge in the US: Report

 By Amanda Casanova - Posted at Christian Headlines: Published September 26, 2023 The number of Christians finding security in the U.S. from other countries has fallen some 70 percent, according to a recent report. Religion News Service reports that the “Closed Doors” report from Open Doors, an international Christian charity group that tracks persecution, said that in 2022, about 9,528 Christians found safety in the U.S. after fleeing persecution in their home country. In 2016, that number was 32,248. In Myanmar specifically, the number of Christian refugees fell from about 7,600 in 2016 to just 587 in 2022. In Iran, the number dropped to 112 in 2022 from more than 2,000 in 2016, and in Eritrea, those numbers were 1,639 in 2016 to just 252 in 2022. 'The tragic reality is that many areas of the world simply aren’t safe for Christians, and Christians fleeing persecution need a safe haven in the United States,' according to the report. Continue here. 

Terrorists Kill 37 Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria

Posted at Morning Star News: Published September 13, 2023 Fulani herdsmen and others massacre 10 on Sunday. ABUJA, Nigeria ( Morning Star News ) – Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists on Sunday (Sept. 10) killed 10 Christians in Plateau state, Nigeria, where 27 others were slain in August, sources said. The terrorists attacked Kulben village, Mangu County, at about 8:40 p.m., an area resident said. “Armed Fulani herdsmen alongside terrorists attacked Kulben community, killing 10 Christians, and injured one other Christian villager,” Yitmwadi Raymond told Morning Star News in a text message. On Aug. 14 in Riyom County, herdsmen and others attacked a community high school in Kwi village, killing two Christian teachers, Rwang Danladi and his wife Sandra Danladi of BECO Comprehensive School, and injuring two other Christian staff members, said Jeremiah Nyam, a resident of the area. “They were in the school teaching their students when armed Fulani herdsmen shot and killed them,” Nyam said

Pastor Shot after Receiving Islamist Threats in Pakistan

 Posted at Morning Star News: Published September 4, 2023 Assailants ordered him to recite Islamic profession of faith. LAHORE, Pakistan ( Morning Star News ) – A pastor was shot and wounded by hardline Muslims on Sunday evening (Sept. 3) in Jaranwala, Pakistan a week after Islamist slogans were written on the walls of his church building, sources said. The Rev. Eleazar Sidhu, pastor of a Presbyterian church in Kukranwala village in the Khanuwana area of Jaranwala tehsil, Faisalabad District, said the assailants ordered him to recite the Islamic creed before shooting him. He was returning home to Rehmat Town with an assistant after pastoral visits to church members when two bearded men stopped his motorcycle near the Khanuwana bus stop, he said. “One of the attackers pulled out a pistol and asked me to recite the Islamic Kalima, [profession of faith],” Pastor Sidhu stated in the First Information Report (FIR) filed at the Saddar Police Station in Jaranwala. “When I refused and instead

Christian MP back in court to face 'hate speech' charges for quoting the Bible

Flag of Finland (Source:  Finland - Wikipedia ) By Anugrah Kumar - Posted at The Christian Post: Published September 2, 2023 Finnish Member of Parliament Päivi Räsänen, acquitted more than a year ago after being prosecuted for voicing her traditional Christian beliefs about marriage and sexuality, is back in court, facing charges of "hate speech." Räsänen, a parliamentarian with over 25 years of service, and Bishop Juhana Pohjola arrived at the Helsinki Court of Appeal this week to face the prosecution's appeal of their acquittal, said the human rights group ADF International, which is supporting the case. "Everyone should be able to share their beliefs without fearing censorship by state authorities. With God's help, I will remain steadfast," Räsänen told her supporters. The prosecution kicked off the proceedings with arguments against the defendants, focusing on a booklet written by Räsänen nearly two decades ago and stating that the content was "in

Terrorists Kidnap Two Christians, Kill Baptist Pastor in Nigeria

 Posted at Morning Star News: Published August 30, 2023 Kaduna state remains a hotbed of violence. ABUJA, Nigeria ( Morning Star News ) – Two Christians were kidnapped on Friday (Aug. 25) in Kaduna state, Nigeria, two days after gunmen described as terrorists killed a Baptist pastor in another area of the state, sources said. Terrorists on Friday night (Aug. 25) invaded the predominantly Christian community of Wusasa, Zaria, and kidnapped the two Christians, brothers Yusha’u Peter and Joshua Peter, staff members of St. Luke’s Anglican Hospital in Wusasa, a community leader in the area said. Isiyaku Ibrahim said the brothers were abducted at about 9 p.m. by “terrorists.” “This is coming not long after the father of the two victims was also kidnapped and taken into captivity by the terrorists,” Ibrahim told Morning Star News in a text message. “The terrorists have so often made our area their target of attacks and abductions of our people. In fact, recently two Christians in our communit

Police in India Press Churches to Provide Information on Activities

Christians in Sharda Nagar, Madhya Pradesh were distressed as Hindu extremists disrupted their house church worship.  (Morning Star News screenshot)  Posted at Morning Star News: Notices have chilling effect on worship gatherings. HYDERABAD, India, ( Morning Star News ) – Police in India have issued questionnaires to at least 40 churches in Indore, Madhya Pradesh state seeking information that Christians fear will be used by Hindu extremists to attack them, sources said. The questionnaires are intrusive and discriminatory, as they were sent only to Christians, church leaders said. “We contacted the police commissioner and told him that it is an unjust order and very discriminatory – why only Christians?” Indore Catholic Diocese Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal told local media. “The questions in the letter are also very suspicious. This is not in good spirit.” The 16-point questionnaire issued by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Information Centre of Indore, addressed to all police st

Prepare to Stand: Recognize the Danger

By Pastor Andrew Brunson - Posted at YouTube: Description: Although persecution has been the norm for faithful believers throughout history, many Christians believe this cannot happen in America. But in a culture that is increasingly intolerant of those who identify with Jesus and His teachings, now is the time to prepare. Presented by  Family Research Council Direct Link:  Prepare to Stand Session 1 - Recognize the Danger - YouTube Link to articles about Pastor Brunson: Christian Heritage News: Pastor Andrew Brunson 

Christian in Pakistan Charged with Blasphemy for TikTok Upload

Home of Rafaqat Masih burned in rioting that began Aug. 16, 2023 in Christian Town, Jaranwala, Pakistan. ( Morning Star News )  Posted at Morning Star News: Published August 22, 2023 LAHORE, Pakistan ( Morning Star News ) – Police in Pakistan on Saturday night (Aug. 19) charged a Christian with blasphemy for uploading on TikTok a video of content that last week led to attacks on Christian homes and businesses in Jaranwala more than 100 kilometers away, sources said. Tensions flared over the weekend in 186/9-L village, Sahiwal, Punjab Province when members of Islamist extremist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan called for protests against the alleged blasphemy after the TikTok post by 27-year-old Ehsaan Shan Masih went viral. “A major crisis was averted due to timely action by the police, otherwise the entire Christian community of Sahiwal was in a state of perpetual fear since Saturday afternoon,” Bishop Abraham Daniel of the Sahiwal Baptist Church told Morning Star News. Continue here.

See What You See

 By Al Baker - Posted at Forget None Of His Benefits: Rescue me, O Lord, from evil men; preserve me from violent men who devise evil things in their hearts. -Psalm 140:1,2 After the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658 the Puritan Commonwealth quickly began to unravel. Oliver’s son, Richard, was made the Lord Protector in place of his father, but he lacked the leadership skill of Oliver and lasted only nine months in that role. The Puritan army was not behind Richard. The pro-royalist populace saw an opening and quickly brought Charles II back from exile. King Charles II was a godless man who fathered at least 12 illegitimate children. He was restored to the throne in April, 1661 and quickly began to undermine the Puritan revolution. He was, perhaps even at this early stage, a closet Roman Catholic, and he sought to bring his subjects in Presbyterian Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as in England and Wales into submission. The “Anti-Puritan Purge” had begun. First, the Parliament pas

Morning Star News: Arrested Christian in Pakistan Denies Sharing Facebook Post

Muslim leader advised complainant that content was not derogatory. Published July 12, 2023 LAHORE, Pakistan ( Morning Star News ) – Police in Pakistan on Saturday (July 8) arrested a Christian for allegedly sharing a post on Facebook even though his village’s Islamic cleric and other Muslims denied that it amounted to blasphemy, his brother said. Wasim Masih told Morning Star News that Sargodha police registered a blasphemy case against his 35-year-old brother, Zaki Masih of Chak 98 Shumaali village, after a local Muslim, Muhammad Awais, accused him of insulting Islam by sharing a post on Facebook. Police arrested Zaki Masih under Section 295-A of Pakistan’s blasphemy statutes relating to “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs,” punishable by up to 10 years in prison, a fine or both. He was also charged under Section 298 against hurting religious sentiments, punishable by up to one year in prison

Intensifying religious persecution in India and the U.S. response

 By Sam Haymore - Posted at Baptist Press: In a joint statement released by the White House on June 22, President Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced several new technology, defense, and research initiatives that are set to bolster the economic ties between the United States and India. The statement came during Modi’s recent visit to Washington, D.C., signaling the Biden administration’s clear intent to further pivot U.S. foreign relations in the Indo-Pacific by privileging the nation which now boasts the largest democracy in the world with a greatly expanded trade partnership. Undoubtedly, this announcement will come as welcome news to many who are excited by the prospect of establishing India as a more reliable supplier of semiconductors to the U.S. and as a more militarily secure neighbor to the Chinese Communist Party. However, the announcement also raises concerns in light of recent reports that have exposed the increasingly dire state of religious freedom and human

Members of China's heavily persecuted Early Rain Church detained, families forcibly evicted

Early Rain Covenant Church in China | Facebook/Early Rain Covenant Church  (The Christian Post) By Anugrah Kumar - Posted at The Christian Post: Published April 2, 2023 "In a report released in February, the U.S.-based group ChinaAid said the Chinese Communist Party intensified the persecution of churches and Christians leading up to the 20th Party Congress in 2022. Three members of China’s heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church were detained and several families were forcibly evicted by authorities in the communist country, according to the U.K.-based group Christian Solidarity International. Police in Wenjiang District in Chengdu last week placed deputy deacon Jia Xuewei in administrative detention for 14 days. A preacher, Ding Shuqi, and another church member, Shu Qiong, had received the same punishment a week earlier for “activities in the name of a banned social organization,” CSW reported . Administrative detention, often used for minor public-order offenses, allows

Nigeria Is The Deadliest Country For Christians

 By Samuel Sey - Posted at Slow to Write: The deadliest country in the world for Christians isn’t Afghanistan or North Korea, it’s Nigeria. Last year, 5,621 Christians were killed worldwide because of their faith—90% of them were northern Nigerians. Mission organizations are reporting that Christian persecution is at its highest in 30 years. And that’s primarily because of what’s been happening in northern Nigeria over the last 24 years. Approximately half of Nigeria’s population are professing Christians, and most of them live in the south. However the other half are Muslims, and most of them live in the north. Northern Nigeria is where Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group, have kidnapped thousands of young girls and killed tens of thousands of people over the last decade. But Boko Haram is enabled by northern Nigeria’s Sharia laws. There’s a direct relationship between terrorism and Sharia law in Nigeria. Boko Haram was founded in northern Nigeria in 2002, shortly after 12 norther

Iran Releases Yousef Nadarkhani, Other Christians from Prison

Yousef Nadarkhani.  (Present Truth Ministries photo - Morning Star News)  Posted at Morning Star News: Pastor initially sentenced to death freed in annual tradition. Published March 5, 2023 ( Morning Star News ) – Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, once sentenced to death in Iran for apostasy, was the third Christian convert recently released from prison as part of the government’s annual amnesty marking the anniversary of the 1979 revolution. Originally sentenced to death in 2010 for leaving Islam, Nadarkhani was freed on Feb. 26, following the pardon and release earlier in the month of Hadi Rahimi and Zaman Fadaei, religious freedom advocates said. While welcoming the releases, they noted that those released had already served significant portions of their sentences in cases marred by legal irregularities even by Iranian standards. “Their pardon hardly addresses the injustice of the original sentencing and suffering that the men and their families endured,” said a specialist on Iran with Midd

Christians face harassment in more countries than any other religious group, Pew study finds

 By Ian M. Giatti - Posted at The Christian Post: Christians faced harassment in more countries than any other religious group amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, according to a recent Pew Research study finding an increase in 45 countries where followers of Christ face social or government abuse or violence since 2012. The data on restrictions to religion around the globe, released last November , was featured in a Jan. 27 report showing that Christians face harassment in over 155 countries in 2020, an increase from 110 in 2012. The organization's definition of "harassment" can include a wide range of actions, including verbal abuse to physical violence and killings committed by governments, social groups or individuals. The study captured "cases where individuals or groups feel singled out or unable to express their religious belief or nonbelief." Continue here...