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A Personal Report from the Ukrainian Battlefront

 Posted at The Aquila Report: Written by Ukrainian Woman | Wednesday, April 6, 2022 Today I watch photos and videos from liberated cities and villages of Kyiv region all day. My native Kyiv region. Every time you tell me about the great Russian painting, I will tell you about the peaceful Ukrainians shot in the back in the Makariv district. And before they could shoot, the orcs tied their hands. About hundreds of corpses on the streets of Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel. About mass graves in the yards of residential neighborhoods. Until recently, the mass graves of civilians were cozy and safe cities. Mass graves. In the 21st century. Here is what I will tell you in return about the great Russian painting. Dear heartbroken Europeans and other connoisseurs of great Russian culture !!! (including Ukrainians), today I watch photos and videos from liberated cities and villages of Kyiv region all day. My native Kyiv region. And here’s what I want to tell you: Every time you talk about the great Russ

The Anti-Gospel of Immigration Activism and American Prosperity

By Ariel Bovat - Posted at  Kaleoscope:  Several months ago, Time magazine published an article titled, Smugglers Inc. The author quotes a female coyote, which is another name for human smuggler, as she discusses her “work”: Other coyotes don’t care, they’ll just take the money and leave them, robbed or whatever. She flips through her digital ­scrapbook to find a woman who arrived in tears. “She had been raped, and had an infection.” A trip to the hospital was arranged. “And this blond woman says she was raped also. The coyote in the jungle separated her from the group and told her she couldn’t move forward until she slept with him. Latin American people, along with other ethnic groups, many of them women, risk their lives and pay large amounts of money to Latino coyotes to pay off the cartel. Once they do make it across the border, they are still at the mercy of smugglers, operating and moving them around the U.S. On June 14, 2018, special agents from U.S. Immigration an

Rape Conceived-“Least of These”- Chosen by God?

By Juda Myers - Posted at Choices 4 Life: Rape Conceived – “the least of these” became very clear to me back in April 2015. I knew I was placed in my mother’s womb not by the desire of any man or woman but only by desire of the God of the universe. My mother was raped by 8 men. No woman wants to be raped to be pregnant, though my mother loved me. Those men weren’t “family planning” and only sought to do evil. Why didn’t God stop those men if He loves us? I don’t have that answer but I do know that God is not evil. He is slow to anger and punishment. We have all done evil in His sight and He hasn’t struck us dead. I don’t know why. But what I do know is that His purpose is greater than our understanding. I received an email from a Pastor in Colorado that changed my perspective on my life. Here’s what it said: “I think you will find this encouraging. I found, during a study in 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 that through the Cross of Jesus, God looks at people totally different than man does.  H