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Ephesians 6 Is Not a Call to Arms in the Culture War

 By Shane Vander Hart - Posted at Caffeinated Thoughts: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference. During his remarks , he said he would lead the charge to fight “the left’s schemes” and then alluded to Ephesians 6:10-18. “It ain’t going to be easy. You got to be strong. You got to put on the full armor of God. You got to take a stand — take a stand against the left’s schemes. You got to stand your ground. You got to be firm. You will face flaming arrows, but take up the shield of faith and fight on,” DeSantis said. The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Church in Ephesus, wrote: “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evi

'Texas Supreme Court Rules Facebook Can Be Held Liable For Child Sex Trafficking On Its Platform'

Image Source:  By Frankie Stockes - Posted at National File: The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that Facebook can be held liable for the sex trafficking that takes place on its platform, dealing a serious blow to the social media giant who has for years been accused of allowing pedophiles and sex traffickers to operate online with impunity. The ruling comes after a group of teen sex trafficking victims from Houston, lured from the site by abusive pimps, brought on the suit. Under the ruling, the Facebook sex trafficking victims will be allowed to move forward with lawsuits against the tech giant, who the court says violated the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, opening themselves up to the suits when they neglected to even make an effort to protect underage users from pedophiles. Read more here.

Survey Finds Americans See Many Sources of Truth — and Reject Moral Absolutes

  By Michael Wilson - Posted at The Culture Alternative: According to a study by the Cultural Research Center (CRC) at Arizona Christian University, 6 % of Americans hold to a biblical worldview. Past generations of Americans viewed God as the basis of truth and morality. Not anymore. A new study shows that most Americans reject any absolute boundaries regarding their morality, with a majority—58% of adults surveyed—believing instead that moral truth is up to the individual to decide. According to findings from Dr. George Barna, Director of Research at the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, belief in absolute moral truth rooted in God’s word is rapidly eroding among all American adults , whether churched or unchurched, within every political segment, and within every age group. Even among those who do identify God as the source of truth, there is substantial rejection of any absolute standard of morality in American culture. Perhaps most stunning, this latest re

Revoice: Sliding into Heresy

Posted at truthxchange: This article was first published August 3, 2018 A mixed bag of straight and gay pastors, celibate and non-celibate gays, parents and children—450 in all—have just met in a church (PCA) in St Louis. The conference attempted to integrate into the church and its ministry homosexuals who accept the biblical view of sex and marriage as limited to heterosexual people, but who see their same-sex orientation as unchangeable, even as a normative part of creation. This frees them to have a non-sexual “gay” attraction to their same-gender friends. According to the organizer, Nate Collins, this conference (one of many to come) is a time of dialogue to determine acceptable biblical and Christian practice. Can a gay man who rejects homosexual practice still be proud of his “gay identity” and his “gay” way of doing things as pleasing to God? Can he engage in deep friendship, even life-long commitment with another same-sex attracted celibate male friend—even adopt children? Can

Facebook’s Stranglehold on Today’s Public Square

 By Victoria Sinclair - Posted at Caffeinated Thoughts : Facebook recently announced that Donald Trump will be banned from Facebook and Instagram for at least two years . At that time, the company will reevaluate the risk they have determined he poses to the general public on the grounds of instigating civil unrest. Twitter has also banned Donald Trump, but their suspension is indefinite. Regardless of our individual political differences, it is essential to take a step back and consider Facebook’s action outside of the cloud of partisan politics. This article is not intended to defend any actions of January 6th; however, Donald Trump nor his allies have faced a judge and jury related to the events of January 6th. They have not been convicted of wrongdoing related to their speech, nor have any charges been filed. Their assumption of innocence remains intact related to their First Amendment rights—which do, of note, protect political speech. In this case, Facebook has acted as prosecuto

Manhood, Womanhood, and the History of Doctrine

Adolf von Harnack (born Harnack; 7 May 1851 – 10 June 1930)   Image Source: Wikipedia  By Calvin Goligher - Posted at CBMW.Org:  Introduction Over the past thirty years, complementarianism has enjoyed something of a consensus position among conservative churches in North Am erica. Over against feminist arguments that men and women should be treated equally in every respect, complementarians have insisted that God intends for men to exercise leadership in the home and in the church. This consensus has faced an ever-growing challenge from society’s rapidly progressing views on gender and sexuality. Recently, the subject has become controversial also within the Church. At the heart of this controversy are two books by conservative Reformed authors that reexamine complementarianism in order to discern which aspects of it should be kept and which should be discarded. [1] Both books have met with vigorous critique in Reformed and evangelical circles. [2] Evaluating this controversy is diffi

'Deeply Distressing': Scottish Teachers Union Promotes Play Portraying Jesus as Transgender

By Milton Quintanilla - Posted at Christian Headlines : A Scottish teachers union has sparked outrage among Christians after it decided to promote a play depicting the Lord Jesus Christ as transgender. The play, titled The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven , is written by Jo Clifford, a biological man who identifies as a woman while also professing to be Christian. On June 17, the Education Institute of Scotland (EIS) plans to host an LGBT event, “School’s Almost Out! Celebrate Pride,” where excerpts of the production will be shown. The EIS claims to represent around 80 percent of lecturers and teachers in Scotland. Read more...