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The Dangerous Abortionist Name Robert Santella

Posted at The Domain for Truth : You might have heard about this from social media. If you haven’t heard about it you should know that Robert Santella is a dangerous abortionist. If you found this page because you went to a search engine to find his name then I say it is God’s providence for you to read this. For you to be warned. Not just warned about seeking service from him (that is important). But also about the sin of abortion if you are thinking about murdering the preborn. Repent and turn to Jesus and do not murder your child. Recently Crossmap reported a news story titled “‘ Demonic’: Abortionist Holds Scissors Near Pro-Lifer’s Throat While Yelling in His Face. ” I have the video embedded below and as you watch this short clip ask yourself about what would happen if this was reversed and a pro-lifer did this to a pro-abortionists; we would not hear the end of it from the Left leaning media. But since this doesn’t help with the abortionists PR imagine we understand the si

UK: 'Sex-selective abortion doc suspended for just 3 months'

Posted at The Christian Institute : A doctor who was filmed agreeing to an abortion on the grounds of a baby’s sex and lying to cover it up has been suspended for just three months. Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan, who worked in a Birmingham abortion clinic, was found out after an undercover investigation by The Daily Telegraph. Dr Rajmohan was only handed a three month suspension despite a medical tribunal finding that his actions had “brought the medical profession into disrepute”. Read more here...


Posted at Wintery Knight: Here’s the video: (viewer discretion is advised) Read more here....

Longtime Abortionists Boast About ‘Helping’ Women Before Roe v. Wade

(AP Photo) By Penny Starr - Posted at CNS News: New York Magazine recently profiled several longtime abortionists -- including some who performed abortions before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure in 1973. “The truth is that even before Roe [v. Wade], while few women had access to abortion care and many were forced into horrific back-alley procedures, there were doctors breaking the law by providing terminations,” the Oct. 13 article stated, saying that some continue to practice despite “anti-abortion extremism.” Read more here...

Report: Arrested ‘Traveling Abortionist’ Is Notorious Florida Abortionist James Pendergraft

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: SPARTANBURG, S.C. — An abortionist arrested in South Carolina last week for running a mobile abortion business is believed to be notorious Florida abortionist James Pendergraft, according to reports. As previously reported , the arrest occurred during a week-long drug bust that included 578 traffic stops. Police didn’t expect to find an abortionist on wheels in the process. “We got a guy and a girl early in the week that was a traveling abortionist,” Sheriff Chuck Wright told local television station WYFF. “He traveled around the state of South Carolina without a medical license, with drugs and with medical tools, performing in-home abortions.” “So basically we got an illegal baby killer,” he added. Read more here...

Raid on doctor's office after possible fetuses found in car - Was he performing illegal abortions?

By Jim Kiertzner - Posted at WXYZ Detroit: WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - 7 Action News has learned police in West Bloomfield found questionable evidence in a trunk of a car that suggests an area doctor may have been performing illegal abortions. He has been identified as Michael Arthur Roth. Roth is under investigation, but he has not been charged. Sources confirm 14 containers of human tissue, possibly fetuses, medical equipment and large amounts of Fentanyl, a drug used for pain and sedation, was found in a car owned by the doctor who works as an OB/GYN. Read more and watch video here...

Imprisoned abortion doc ordered to pay $4M in woman's death

News Source: Associated Press - Kermit Gosnell's Mugshot - Wikipedia "An abortion provider convicted of killing babies born alive has been ordered to pay nearly $4 million to the daughter of a Virginia woman who was given a lethal dose of Demerol while under his care." Read the story here. From Wikipedia: Kermit Barron Gosnell (born February 9, 1941) is an American former physician who was convicted of murdering three infants who were born alive during attempted abortion procedures. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Gosnell ran the Women's Medical Society abortion clinic in Philadelphia, PA and he was a prolific prescriber of Oxycontin . [6] In 2011, Gosnell and various co-defendant employees were charged with eight counts of murder , 24 felony counts of performing illegal abortions beyond the state of Pennsylvania’s 24-week time limit, and 227 misdemeanor counts of violating the 24-hour informed consent law. The murder charges related to an adult patient, Karnamaya Mo