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 Posted at Reformation Scotland: The Church of England recently voted in favour of allowing blessings for same-sex couples although with assurances that the church’s doctrine of marriage will not change. To many this seems incoherent, and it exposes a lack of clarity on the boundaries between what is and is not acceptable in the realm of sexuality and marriage. In the New Testament model, the church and the world are on different sides of a clear line of demarcation and the church has no need to feel pressurised into adopting the agenda and mores of the world. In the early days of the church of Corinth the pressure was real and the church in some significant ways capitulated to societal expectations. The boundary markers in these ways collapsed and the apostle Paul needed to write more than once to reinstate them. Particularly in the area of sexual ethics the divergence needed to be crystallised between how the surrounding culture regarded people’s behaviour, and how Jesus’ apostles ex

Church of England Leaders 'Celebrate' Same-Sex Sexual Relationships

  Posted at The Christian Institute: Two of the most senior figures in the Church of England have revealed they believe sexual intimacy within same-sex relationships should be ‘celebrated’. Following a bishops’ report that recommends against same-sex weddings being permitted in churches but in favour of allowing clergy to bless same-sex couples, the Archbishop of York and the Bishop of London indicated their approval of churchgoers engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage. In separate media statements, they both said “stable, faithful relationships” between two men or two women could be blessed – rejecting historic Christian teaching on sexual ethics. Continue here... See also: Sexual immorality is not sinful, Archbishop of York says | Church & Ministries News (

Transgender people encouraged to become priests in Church of England diversity drive

Source: Wikipedia By Olivia Rudgard - Posted at The Telegraph : Transgender people are being encouraged to become Church of England vicars as bishops launch a diversity drive. Bishops in the diocese of Lichfield have issued new guidance to parishioners and clergy reminding them that LGBT people "can be called to roles of leadership and service in the local church". The guidance, titled "welcoming and honouring LGBT+ people", warns that the church's reputation as being unwelcoming towards gay and transgender people is stopping young people attending. Continue reading... HT: Sermon Audio