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‘Doctrinal Annihilation’: Theologian Blasts Methodist Church For Pushing Drag Queen Pastor, Claims ‘Two Religions’ Forming Over LGBT Issues

 By Jon Brown - Posted at The Daily Wire: Southern Baptist pastor and theologian Al Mohler on Wednesday rebuked a United Methodist Church (UMC) congregation in Illinois for being led by a drag queen, and claimed the growing fissure in Protestantism over LGBT issues is turning into “two religions.” During the Wednesday episode of his podcast “The Briefing,” Mohler, who is also president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, denounced Hope United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Illinois, for allowing Isaac Simmons to be in a position of church leadership and promoting him as a candidate for the ministry. Read more here.

Biden Files Appeal That Would Force Religious Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Transgender Surgeries despite Objections

By Milton Quintanilla - Posted at Christian Headlines: On Tuesday, President Joe Biden filed an appeal that would force religious doctors and hospitals to perform transgender-related procedures and surgeries regardless of objections, The Daily Wire reports. In a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday, Luke Goodrich, who works at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty law group, asserted that Biden's appeal follows up on the administration's efforts to deem a doctor's refusal to perform transgender-related procedures "sex discrimination." In January, The Biden administration put forward the proposal, but it was rejected in court. Read more here.

The Bible and Immigration

 By Shane Vander Hart - Posted at Caffeinated Thoughts: Christians hold various opinions about illegal immigration. Shane Vander Hart discusses what the Bible says about immigrants and what it means for Christians. The current border crisis brings the immigration debate to the forefront once again. had conservations about DACA, border security, and immigration in general with several Christian friends who hold different positions on this contentious issue. One thing I’ve noticed from those on the evangelical left, or at least those who favor amnesty for illegal immigrants, that they believe scripture supports their particular position. The Bible does have much to say in the Old Testament about how the Israelites were to treat sojourners (foreign settlers) in their midst. There is no denying that God expected His people to treat sojourners with dignity and respect. Here are some of the verses that speak to that. Read more here.

Biden Administration Reverses Trump-Era Regulations on Fetal Tissue Research

 By Amanda Casanova - Posted at Christian Headlines: According to The Christian Post , the National Institutes of Health announced recently that the independent board would be dissolved. The board was initially established by former President Donald Trump. Under the Trump administration, the independent ethics board reviewed applications for NIH grants. "HHS is reversing its 2019 decision that all research applications for NIH grants and contracts proposing the use of human fetal tissue from elective abortions will be reviewed by an Ethics Advisory Board," a statement from the group said. Read more here. 

The Improper Use of Theologian Herman Bavinck for a Political Agenda

By SLIMJIM -  Posted at The Domain for Truth: The meme below is a defense of Timothy Keller by drawing a comparison with Keller to Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Bavinck (1854–1921). There is so much going on in this meme. I won’t be able to speak about everything stated. Nor is this post going to be attacking Timothy Keller though I sometimes feel his tweet on Twitter is too generalized and/or cryptic and they can be understood both by Christians and non-Christians in their own ways and therefore cheered by all. Instead I want to focus on this meme saying these all these claims above can be attributed to Herman Bavinck. My post is narrowly focusing on the claim that Bavinck would see himself as a political liberal. I do have some serious reservation when people invoke someone esteemed to improperly and inaccurately support a partisan political cause. This is true of those who can make Jesus into a rifle owning, card carrying NRA member Republican or the other spectrum where Jesus is

Canadian Pastor Could Face 1 Year in Jail for Leading Easter Worship Service

By Michael Foust - Posted at Christian Headlines: A Canadian pastor says he could face up to one year and jail and a $100,000 fine after local police charged him for violating health restrictions by leading his congregation in worship on Easter Sunday. Jacob Reaume, pastor of Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo, Ontario, says in a blog post that local police, known as by-law officers, visited his church last Thursday to "hand deliver two new summonses to appear in court." One was for the congregation, while the other was for Reaume. "Our offence? We worshipped the risen Christ together on Resurrection Sunday," the pastor wrote . The charges could become costly if not overturned, Reaume wrote. This is the church's third summons and Reaume's sixth. "Each summons to the church carries a maximum penalty of $10 million," he wrote. "... Each summons to me carries a maximum penalty of $100,000 and one year in jail." Read more here.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media for the Christian

 By Elizabeth Prata - Posted at The End Time: I’m a lay person, a Christian woman, who happens to write. I’ve made my living from writing in the past and I’m thrilled to be able to use the talent God gave me for His glory now, writing as a Christian about biblical things. I’m older and I distinctly remember life before internet. As a writer wanting to publish, bumping up against the monoliths of the Madison Avenue publishing companies, and the chokehold of the magazines and literary journals, (and the publishing rejection letters) having a free platform in which to share one’s thoughts and words with the world was a revelation. I took to it instantly and with glee, going online in 1996 and becoming an customer in 1997. Finally, an equalizing global conversation could be had. I don’t think young people have a well-developed sense of just what a privilege it is to have global access to speaking one’s mind on any topic. I remember the frustration of rejection letter after rejec

Obeying God and Obeying God’s Servants: Five Truths from 1 Peter 2:13–17 (pt. 1)

By David Schrock - Posted at Via Emmaus: Ever since writing on the harm of endless masking , teaching on the limits of Romans 13 (see here , here , and here ), and considering how Levitical instructions about quarantine laws might help us think wisely about social distancing and sheltering at home, I’ve received numerous emails expressing deep sorrow for the ways churches have responded to Covid-19. With any such email, I always want to affirm the authority of the local church and her elders, as well as admitting the challenges faced by every church and my inability to speak to the inner workings of another church’s decisions. The problems our church faces are the not the problems that your church faces, and vice versa. Still, across the board, it does seem that one abiding problem that divides many evangelicals is how they understand passages that instruct obedience to governing authorities. Most recently, a brother asked if our church had preached on 1 Peter 2:13–17. To date, we hav

Edmonton officials surround GraceLife Church with fencing as they continue their persecution

Image Source:  By Elizabeth Prata - Posted at The End Time: Published April 7, 2021 The battle is ongoing with the Edmonton, Alberta Canadian officials against Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church. You might remember he was released from jail without the condition of having to recant on his stance that he will continue to preach inside his church without numerical restrictions on who may or may not attend. Albertan officials had jailed him in violation of their COVID-19 health regulations. The battle is not over apparently. Today James’ wife Erin reports that officials (not clear who It’s RCMP the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ) have fenced in the church by erecting a double line of chain link to prevent entry to the building. The work was begun suddenly in early morning and without notice allegedly, to anyone from the church. Canadian folks on Twitter are asking if there was a judicial order allowing this raid, or some other legal warrant for officials to t

A Fool for Christ

 By Shane Vander Hart - Posted at Caffeinated Thoughts: April 1, 1992, on the floor of my dorm room in the middle of the night at Drake University, I cried out to God in response to God’s goodness and grace. He opened my eyes to the truth that Jesus died for my sin, paying the penalty that I deserved, and rose again, conquering sin and death once for all. I repented and believed. Jesus is my Savior and King, and He is my only hope for heaven. I like to say on April Fools Day, I became a fool for Christ. The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, a worldly church that thought it had it all together but was rotten. Read more here.