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Our External Sensuality Reveals Our Internal Depravity

Image Source:  Abandoned to Christ By Sunny Shell - Posted at Abandoned to Christ : Twenty-eight years ago, the Lord moved me to Southern California as an answer to my cry for help. My faithful and merciful Father God had graciously and mercifully endured, preserved, and persevered me through 13 years of severe and brutal persecution. But because I did not heed His exhortation and admonition in Deuteronomy 8:11-20 , I forgot that it was by His mighty hand that I received relief from my enemies. Much like the Israelites whom the LORD kindly saved and freed from the bondage of Egypt, I fancied that this reprieve was due to something good I had done—and for three years, I entertained the fallacy, that I deserved every good I received from the Lord. I behaved as if God owed me for my obedience, rather than remember that even my obedience was a gift from Him, through Jesus Christ; who through His death and resurrection, freed and enabled me to do what I could never do on my own—ple


Posted at The Darling Princess : Behaving in such a way as to prepare and preserve the future for the next generations seems like a forgotten concept. Duty and sacrifice are not the norm in our culture. I think it was in our history, or we wouldn’t have had a Revolutionary War. Men of renown pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to ensure a free nation. I was a child in the late 60s and 70s. It was a tumultuous time for many, maybe even most people. The draft was a big impact on me. My father was a draft dodger. He was gone for months, but unlike the servicemen, he sculked around when he was home. He was had no sense of duty to anyone. Some men came back injured, mentally and or physically, but they had done their duty. Progressive college professors turned the youth against them after a while and there was a shame in war. I don’t advocate for war and I know that the wars of that time were wrought with injustice, as is the case always. During that same period

Remembering D-Day: My World War II Experiences in the Navy

By Clifford Reeves - Posted at Wisconsin Christian News : Editor’s Note: Clifford Reeves passed away April 6, 2015 at age 89. The following memoirs were read during his funeral service, a poignant reminder of that “Greatest Generation” of American heroes. My military experience began at Great Lakes Naval Training Station, and went as follows... After being logged in and given a serial number that would be our permanent identification number, we were immediately sent to get our first haircut. The barbers were friendly and asked what kind of a cut we would like -- after they ran the clippers down the center of our heads. Next we were assembled in a large room where we were told to take off all our civilian clothes that we arrived in and put them in a box to send them home in. There we were, naked as a jay bird, when the commanding officer told us to line up for a physical, and I mean physical. They checked places I didn’t even know I had. After that we were issued our N

How Will You Run Your Race This Coming Year?

By Jordan Standridge - Posted at The Cripplegate: It was May 6th, 1954, and a miler named Roger Bannister became the first human to ever have run a mile recorded in under four minutes. That world record lasted only six weeks, when an Australian, named John Landy, beat his record by more than a second. The rivalry was not over though, as the Empire Games were scheduled for August of the same year, and Landy and Bannister were set to square off in one of the most anticipated races in history. The two runners could not have been more different. Landy loved to set the pace and start off strong, he usually led most of his races from start to finish. Bannister was different, he liked running from behind most of the race, only to take over first place in the final lap. The final proved those stereotypes right as Landy led for most of the race, with Bannister behind by quite a big margin going into the final lap. But then, something happened; the crowd started cheering as Bannister mad

My Mother: A Woman of Strength, Beauty and Morality

By Angela Wittman My mother, Marsha Somers, in the mid 1970's I've been thinking about the values I was taught as a child and the example my mother set before me who passed away from an aggressive form of cancer 21 years ago. I think the lessons she tried to impart were based upon her Christian upbringing, and while she had strayed from the church, she didn't stray too far from Christian morals. If there is any wisdom mom would want to impart to her granddaughters, great-granddaughters and nieces, it would be to seek the Lord first in your life and then pattern your life after women in the Bible and other authentic Christian women found throughout history. So, while mom wasn't perfect, (she had a famous Scottish temper), she did find peace, love and forgiveness at the cross of Christ before her death. I still marvel at the change that came over her as her heart softened and her mind was renewed with the Word of God. I also remember how accepting she was when we found ou

Cultivating Character Through Family Stories

By Angela Wittman For my dear friend Dee Galyon who recently reminded me the importance of keeping our loved ones memories alive and my dad who patiently cultivated a love of family history in me. My soon to be 80 year-old father called me yesterday and while his reason was to relay some family news, he soon began reminiscing about his years in the Air Force and travels to England and Scotland while in the service. And even though I was right in the middle of preparing dinner, I didn't mind the call or the stories. You see, I love my dad and my earliest memories are of him telling me family stories. I cannot help but think that the stories of my grandfather and his family helped shape my character. My grandfather was the "black sheep" of his family due to a tragic divorce between his parents and the circumstances of his father's accidental death. My grandfather blamed his mother, (a strong, independent woman), for both the divorce and death of his dad. So, while Gran