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A Story of Augustine and White Slaves of Kent

 By Pastor Benjamin Glaser - Posted at Thoughts From Parson Farms: Folks take a little bit of Native American spirituality, Celtic ways, and old Germanic folk-tales mixed with incense and booze and call it a lifestyle when all it represents is a grasping in darkness and believing in whatever you pull out. Historical Background in How to Deal With the Rising Tide of Paganism Howdy! The winter season has come a little early here to South Carolina. We had our first frost last week and there was snow spotted in the mountains on the last day of October. It’s currently 38 degrees as I type. As a young man I loved cold weather and relished the blessings which came with it, mainly skiing and ice skating. However, as I have grown older summer has become moreso my favorite time of year when it comes to temps and times. Being warm has its privileges. Yet it is the closing of the calendar when the fun holidays start ringing their bells. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year each have th

See What You See

 By Al Baker - Posted at Forget None Of His Benefits: Rescue me, O Lord, from evil men; preserve me from violent men who devise evil things in their hearts. -Psalm 140:1,2 After the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658 the Puritan Commonwealth quickly began to unravel. Oliver’s son, Richard, was made the Lord Protector in place of his father, but he lacked the leadership skill of Oliver and lasted only nine months in that role. The Puritan army was not behind Richard. The pro-royalist populace saw an opening and quickly brought Charles II back from exile. King Charles II was a godless man who fathered at least 12 illegitimate children. He was restored to the throne in April, 1661 and quickly began to undermine the Puritan revolution. He was, perhaps even at this early stage, a closet Roman Catholic, and he sought to bring his subjects in Presbyterian Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as in England and Wales into submission. The “Anti-Puritan Purge” had begun. First, the Parliament pas