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ERLC: The cultural and political events that may shape 2016

The ERLC seeks to educate and equip the church about today’s ethical, cultural and moral issues. We thought it would be helpful—at the start of a new year—to give a rundown of some of the events and topics that have the potential to shape our culture for many years to come. As you think about these issues, bookmark for late-breaking news and commentary, consider signing up for The Weekly newsletter, and join us at one of our 2016 events . Religious Liberty 2015 was a challenging year for religious liberty . 2016 will be equally challenging. The most important and largely unknown factor at this point is how the Supreme Court’sObergefell decision will affect religious liberty in the public square and also concerning private institutions. Activists, lawmakers and judges have increasingly been reading “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity” into protections against sex discrimination. This has tremendous implications for the future of Christian higher education, as schools t

Sanctification & Bracing Ourselves for a New Year By Eric Davis - Posted at The Cripplegate : Without knowing what the future holds, we can safely say that there is one thing we will need for 2016: godliness. To stably and safely weather all of the we’re-not-in-heaven-yet things coming from this new year, we will need a high dose of christlikeness and, if you’re like me, and increase thereof. So, sanctification should be a dear friend as we turn a calendar year (and as we enter each day, for that matter). Sanctification: God’s work of progressively conforming the Christian into christlikeness from the time of spiritual birth (regeneration) until we see Jesus (glorification), through the Spirit, our effort, the means of grace, and any number of circumstances. Sanctification is not the means of salvation, but the consequence of it. But oftentimes, we can have a myopic, low view of sanctification. For example, it really only occurs when I sit down for my daily quiet time or during the Sunday sermon. Yet sa