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Conspiracy Privilege?

By insanitybytes - Posted at  See, there's this thing called biology… : So I am an avid conspiritress, I often enjoy a good conspiracy theory, and I’m grateful to see people question narratives and think for themselves, however odd or confused they may appear on the surface. On a grand scale however, I am also keenly aware that the ability, the freedom, the innocence required to chase after conspiracy theories lives somewhere among the sheltered, naive, and protected. The privileged. People who are busy just trying to survive don’t have time to try to see what’s going on behind the scenes. What’s going on right in front of them is usually more then they can handle. Does a child being sex trafficked spend hours on Twitter trying to expose the truth about how the world is being run by elite pedophiles? They do not, because they are there, already living it. You don’t have to tell the victims of the Tuskeegee Syphalis experiment that government and public health officials can be ver


 By Bill Muehlenberg - Posted at CultureWatch: We are in desperate need of some mental and moral clarity on the Ukraine conflict: One quite good thing that has developed over the past two years is that so many folks have woken up to the fact that the mainstream media is not always reliable, and that our politicians are not always telling us the truth. Some of us had known this all along of course, but the way the media and most governments ran with the Covid issue made this even more clear. But if one extreme was rightly to be avoided (fully trusting the state and the media about things like Covid), the other extreme is also to be avoided (trusting no one, questioning everything to the nth degree, and throwing away our critical faculties). Sadly I see the latter now happening big time concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Just because the Rona alarmists tried to claim that everything we believe is just a big conspiracy theory does NOT mean there are no actual conspiracy theories


 By Daniel Mann - Posted at Mann's Word: It is hard to know what to believe. Even previously trusted news outlets have been co-opted by a political agenda. Propaganda and politics now trump principles of truth and balanced reporting. Consequently, some sincerely believe Donald Trump to be the worst of presidents, while others, the best. Some proclaim a fair election, others a stolen election. How do we understand such a disparity of belief? While our differing values help to answer this question, we cannot help but observing that our favored news outlets have also lined up at one extreme or the other. Consequently, they choose and even distort those “facts” to advance their own point of view. This crisis of information, belief, and of trust has even infiltrated the domain of science. Consequently, some are revved up to pounce on any one of the new COVID-19 vaccines, while others cannot run fast enough in the opposite direction. Read more...

Conspiracy Theories Are Bunk

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog : Henry Ford (1863–1947), founder of the Ford Motor Company, famously said, “ History is bunk .” That may be sometimes true. Historians do make mistakes. This is why all histories must be read with a critical eye. Not all theories of history are equally valid. Some of them do not do what any good theory must do, namely, explain the evidence. Still, some theories are attractive because they offer a comprehensive explanation of the past (or the present) and they are relatively simple to grasp and they do not require a lot of work. E.g., One popular historical theory says that most things are the result of the dialectical struggle between classes. According to this theory most historical phenomena can be explained by the ongoing attempt by the upper classes to oppress, for their own benefit, the working classes. Frankly, given such a theory one need not pay a great deal of attention to the facts in any particular instance because, we