Investigating The Invisibles: Pakistsani Christian Asylum Seekers In Thailand

(Voice of the Persecuted) Based on the abuse Pakistani Christians face, it’s striking to our group how often they’re overlooked and ignored. We set out to why they are what we call the “invisibles”. After speaking with many Christians from Pakistan and those frozen in time in Thailand, and Malaysia, we found some very interesting facts. While it’s impossible to obtain numbers to prove there is a clear bias from the UNHCR in these countries in regard to Christians, what we did found was mind-boggling. At the time of this posting, we are still waiting on the UNHCR Bangkok office to send the statistics. When the information is received, we’ll give you an update.

The UNHCR office in Thailand recently demanded all Christian Asylum seekers report for a new identity card. They quickly told them this was not a work permit, and would not offer anything more than identification. But unfortunately, the Thai Government is not recognizing this ID nor, as in the past, their asylum status documents.

Some say there is an attitude of bias toward Pakistani Christians in Thailand. Other reports suggest that there is a hatred for all Pakistani’s in Thailand. They are viewed as possible terrorists.

Christians in Pakistan are persecuted severely. On the exterior, Pakistan is a democracy but the Mullahs rule with a strict form of Sharia law. The most recent evidence is the 16-year-old girl who was drugged, strangled, then tied to a van and set on fire. Why? She simply helped her friend who wanted to elope. In another case, a 2-year-old baby was killed because his father was a lowly Christian. The father was contracted to paint the home of a Muslim. When the homeowner didn’t want to pay the agreed price, he took others and shot up the Christian painter’s home, they killed the baby.