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Child Porn Self-produced by Hundreds: Colo. School

"Texting" by Alton - Wikipedia Posted at Culture News : Cañon City (Colorado) High School administrators, cooperating with the criminal sexting investigation of local police, say that as much as half of the entire student body participated in the production and distribution of child pornography of themselves and their classmates, perhaps including some eighth graders. The combination of today's electronic marvels and the sexual revolution has created a legal morass wherein the children are both the victims and perpetrators of their own sexual predatory crimes — class 3 felony offenses requiring registration as a sex offender. "The scope is large, and we have secured in evidence hundreds of images of students. . . . It's going on everywhere, my suspicion is, with modern technology." -- Supt. George Welsh, Cañon City RE-1 Fremont School District Read more here...