Dear GOP it’s not you, it’s me. (a break up letter)

Dear Republican Party,

We can’t see each other anymore. It just isn’t working and things are miserable for both of us. It’s not you it’s me. Sure you deserve your fair share of blame, but I take responsibility for dragging this out so long when it should have been over for us years ago. We are just too different to stay together. Our values are too different (that is if you still have any values at all). We want completely different things and it is the end of the road for us.

As I said you deserve some of the blame here. Those of us who are for limited government and personal liberty initially sought after you because you are the party who has historically claimed to value those things as well. Sure we could see that you had lost your way a bit but we thought surely we can bring you back to the principles that you were supposed to stand for. So we had Ron Paul run for president. He valued limited government. He valued personal liberty. He never once voted to increase the size of government or to increase taxes. He was a man of principle who didn’t waiver or compromise his belief in small government. The first time he ran he wasn’t so well known so we forgave you for that. Heck I didn’t even understand him the first time.

When Ron Paul ran in 2012 he had gained a very vocal following. We were tired of politicians who claimed to be for small government and yet were compromising in ways that furthered the expansion of the federal government. Yet you made it loud and clear we were not wanted. We were outsiders and a threat to business as usual. The problem was that in reality you wanted to continue spending more money on government programs that the government has no business being a part of. You wanted to continue to try to “bring democracy” to nations that didn’t want it and that you wanted to continue to meddle in civil wars and other places where neither side was the good guy. You basically wanted to do the same things as the Democrats were doing only in a more moderate way. So you blocked Ron Paul supporters from state conventions and shut him out of the Republican National Convention. The message was as blatant as can be, “you people are not welcome here”.