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 By Dr. Peter Jones - Posted at Truthxchange: Many sociologists now speak about the arrival of the post-Christian era in both America and the West in general. Way back in 1976, Newsweek Magazine spoke of “the year of the evangelical.” But church attendance is down in America. Young people abandon any semblance of their childhood faith as soon as they set foot in a university. This is a great concern in our churches. The Wall Street Journal recently published an analysis of national sentiment over the past 25 years on: · Religion: 62% in 1998 vs 39% today. · Having kids : 59% in 1998 vs 30% today. · Community involvement: 47% in 1998 vs 27% today. · Patriotism: 70% in 1998 vs 38% today.[1] · The number of weddings: 40% lower in 2000 than in 1970 Star Parker, a black Christian intellectual gives similar figures and sees the sign of a “nation committing suicide.”[2] While 20th century unbelief was atheistic, religiosity is now everywhere, as astrology a

A Brief History of the Ideas behind Wokeism

By Adam S. Francisco - Posted at The Lutheran Witness : "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” These words, penned by the Swiss-born French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778), capture the spirit of modern revolutionary thought. It argues that institutions and standards, even notions of goodness and truth, enslave people by binding them to a political system, social order and moral and theological tradition. True freedom can never be realized within these structures. Neither can real equality — where all are equal in every respect. Achieving these lofty (though undefined) goals of freedom and equality requires liberation from the institutions and standards of the past. Individuals and society must move past them and create new ones — ones that avoid the oppressive and exclusionary nature of those being replaced. How? In the past, force and even violence was the strategy. Think of the French and Russian Revolutions. There is, however, another way. Over the la