A Den of Satan

By Angela Wittman - Posted at For Christ's Crown and Covenant!

Barack Obama speaking to Planned Parenthood
(Image from Wintery Knight)

Dear Friends,

I want to direct your attention to an article posted at Wintery Knight regarding Barack Obama's administration and recent demands on hospitals: Obama administration orders all hospitals to perform abortions and sex changes .

After reporting on these wicked orders, the author gives his opinion, which I wholeheartedly agree with:
Right now, we live in a time where health care is under the control of the federal government. Many, many people of faith voted for a secular government to be in control of health care. They thought that it would be more “fair” than letting people control health care at the state or local level. Now they are finding out what happens when you let a big secular government take over huge parts of the economy. There are people of faith working in hospitals. If only their employer forced them to do a sex change or an abortion, they could move to another employer, perhaps in another state. But when you put the control up at the federal level, there is nowhere to run. You have to comply, or lose your job. And no matter how tough a Christian talks, no one can survive without food to eat and water to drink. We have to earn a living, and this President is making it impossible to work and be an authentic Christian at the same time. 
Are we ready for pastors to talk about serious matters in church, now? Or is it still going to be the singing, the feelings, the piety? Maybe spiritual leadership needs to be expanded to include practical issues.

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I've said it before and it needs repeating: Barack Obama is the rotten fruit of liberal Christianity. He was a member (25 yrs?) of the liberal, apostate United Church of Christ in Chicago before taking office as POTUS. Folks, we need to expose the apostates and do what we can to alert those in the den of Satan that they need to repent and leave, asap.

Please read and share Wintery Knight's article to your sphere of influence. This madness must be stopped.

May the good Lord deliver us from this wickedness! In Lord Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.


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