"The Daniel Prayer" - A Book That Will Move Your Credit Card, Change Your Bank Account, & Leave You Doctrinally Bewildered

By Bud Ahlheim - Posted at Pulpit and Pen:

Released on May 10, 2016 Anne Graham Lotz’s latest book is sure to make its mark in the “Christian” publishing market. The reasons for this are twofold. The book is authored by someone with the evangelically hallowed name of “Graham,” which itself is enough cause to prompt the Biblically-astute to cast a discerning eye. Secondly, in the world of “Christian” publishing, false “prophets” create genuine profits.

Already LifeWay, the media arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, is pushing this unscriptural nightmare on the unsuspecting and the undiscerning with an introductory offer priced at $16.99. (Which is exactly $16.98 more than I paid on Amazon for Ronnie Floyd’s The Power of Prayer and Fasting, overpriced though it was. Perhaps, if enough true Christians avoid Lotz’s latest lamentable tome, it too will rapidly sink to the deserved obscurity that Floyd’s achieved. Lotz will, by the way, be on hand at the LifeWay exhibit at the upcoming SBC annual meeting.)

The Daniel Prayer is a mess, and a dangerous mess, at that. Lacking any pervasive Scriptural logic, unless contemplative, egocentric mysticism counts, the tome seems borne mostly out of an overly mystical, decidedly anthropocentric form of American Christian theology, with the emphasis being on “America,” not “Christian.” That such a system could be even considered “theological” is erroneous since it gives mere lip service, not strict adherence, to Scripture, elevates man’s desires far above the plans of God, and promotes its tenets with the underlying theme that America is the new Israel. Lotz perpetuates this fallacious theology throughout the text.