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Prison inmate charged with murder of pregnant hospital worker’s preborn child

 By Nancy Flanders - Posted at LiveAction News: A prison inmate has been charged with murder after she allegedly punched a pregnant hospital worker with such force that she killed the worker’s preborn baby. According to WFAA , 39-year-old Cheri Aziza Akil was in the custody of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office when she was transferred to the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, on Wednesday due to a risk of suicide. The sheriff’s office said Akil was being restrained at the time of the incident and that the hospital worker was standing next to the inmate’s bed. That is when Akil allegedly punched the worker in the stomach. The hospital worker was taken to the trauma unit in the hospital, where it was learned that her baby had no heartbeat. Continue here... Direct Link:  (21) Police: Prison inmate Cheri Akil charged after punching pregnant medical worker, killing fetus - YouTube