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Millennials Talk About Reaching Millennials

Posted at Outward OPC : OPC Millennials Talk Reaching Millennials – Part 1 (Ben Ward) We start a new series where we asked several OPC Millennials to talk about reaching Millennials. We provided 4 broad categories of questions, which you will see summarized, to prompt our respondents. These were simply prompts, and we gave them broad leeway to talk about important matters related to the OPC reaching millennials. A millennial is most commonly defined as born between 1981-1996, or currently 22-37 years old. We basically used that definition with some looseness on the bookends of that range. Our first respondent is Ben Ward. Ben is 27, recently completed an OPC church planting internship under Eric Hausler in Naples, FL. He grew up in a liberal Presbyterian home but became an “evangelistic atheist.” After becoming a Christian, Ben was a member at Covenant OPC in St. Augustine. He is a graduate of Gordon Conwell Seminary and is in the process of accepting a call in the OPC. T

The Tight Rope of Enablement and Showing Grace with Momma’s Boys

The Domain for Truth Posted at The Domain for Truth: I’m going to be honest: Ministering to Millennial lost boys have given me more gray hair than anything I’ve done (be it school, Iraq, cramming finished seminary with two masters in 3 years while working and doing ministry). I’m talking about momma’s boys that don’t want to grow up to live up to their responsibilities; yet they are so narcissistic they think everything is beneath them, be it jobs, having a boss or they look down on other people. It exhausts me more than preaching 70 times in two weeks or preparing a semester worth of teaching theology and the Bible in three weeks with several all-nighters. It fatigue me more than my first three weeks of Iraq as a Marine where I worked literally 24/7 and grabbed naps in between things. Lest people think I’m just looking down on Millennials I want to say I’m also a Millennial. I’m also writing this since our ministry is heading towards a better place and I’m looking back at