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Ebola outbreak spreads in DR Congo

Electron micrograph  of an Ebola virus  virion  - Wikipedia By Beth Stolicker - Posted at Mission Network News: Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) – The second wave of an Ebola outbreak is growing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The outbreak originally began in August 2018 in North Kivu. There have been at least 680 cases and over 400 deaths since then. Ebola cases continue to increase. There is a concern the disease could reach the city of Goma. “It’s been going pretty quick and pretty fast, and it’s now the second biggest outbreak…that we know of in history at this point,” Mission Aviation Fellowship ’s pilot David Petersen says. Other factors have contributed to the challenges of diminishing this outbreak. This includes the fact there is a lot of movement in this area of DR Congo. Plus, some areas are rebel-controlled, creating challenges for health workers trying to travel to specific areas within a timely manner. Continue reading here.