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American Teens and Sadness

By Chris Reimers - Posted at Wings of the Wind: In the past several months I have noticed article after article about the mental health of teenagers in America. The articles have come from media sources with every political bent. This blog post is an effort to summarize several of those articles dating back to December, and to add my own thoughts as to what is contributing to this problem. “ Understanding the mental health crisis afflicting American teens ” was aired on NPR on December 23rd. A reporter who has studied this subject was interviewed about his latest findings. Early in the interview, the host of the show made this statement: “While there’s no clear consensus among experts on the root of the problem, there is research that provides important insights into the nature of teens’ suffering and some treatments that show promise.” In this interview the major guess at the cause of these problems is that environmental factors have become too overwhelming for teens to process. Lo