The Common Core Hoax

By Robert R. Logan, PhD - Posted at Truth in American Education:

When I was a professor I used to put a proposed law up on an overhead projector entitled the “Care for Infants Act”. In the body of the Act, I described grinding up children and turning them into food and fertilizer in deceptive language but clear enough to anyone who was actually thinking. Then I would have the students discuss whether the government had any business interceding in the sovereignty of the family in cases of abuse or neglect.

It was rare that a student would raise their hand and object that the debate had nothing to do with the act they were voting on. I could usually see some confused faces, but it was terribly easy to misdirect peoples’ attention and get them squabbling about something they wanted to argue about anyway. That is how I got them to pass the Care for Infants Act. The only thing Bill Gates has done differently is bribe people for their vote. I could have gotten 100% passing rates had I incorporated bribes.

If Common Core is all about increasing academic achievement, why is it necessary to convert all tests nationwide into computerized online testing? Logically, that does not follow. How is it that taking a test on a computer is any different from taking it with paper and pencil? If computer-based tests are better than paper and pencil, then why does it have to be online? If there is a technical failure to an online test then potentially millions of students are affected.


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