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Presbyterian Church In America (PCA) Votes to Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’

 By Brittany Smith - Posted at MinistryWatch: Two committees will look into theology of Sarah Young’s bestseller General Assembly (GA) in Richmond, Virginia. According to its website , GA is held each year for pastors and church leaders in the PCA to “discuss, debate and decide biblical and ministry issues.” Benjamin Inman, a pastor from North Carolina who has had long-standing issues with the book, introduced the investigation at GA through a measure called an overture . The overture states that the book “promotes ostensibly grave errors and has been firmly rejected by influential public figures within, and theologically akin to, the PCA.” Some pastors expressed concerns that the way Young writes the book as the voice of Jesus could take away from “sola Scriptura,” the concept of the supreme authority of Scripture. The overture passed by a vote of 947-834. It tasks two committees—the Committee on Discipleship Ministries and Mission to the World—to issue a report documenting whether o

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