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American Bible Society Study Shows 35% Republicans, 47% Democrats Are ‘Bible Disengaged’

 By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network:
PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia-based American Bible Society has released chapter seven of its annual “State of the Bible” report, which focuses in part on Scripture engagement and political identity. It found that, for those surveyed, a significant percentage of each affiliation is Bible disengaged, meaning that they rarely read God’s Word or use it to make decisions about their lives.

“Across the spectrum, Bible disengaged is the most common category for American adults from all political party affiliations,” the report states. “Nearly two thirds of those not registered to vote (61%) are Bible disengaged. More than half of Independents (52%) and Democrats (47%) score Bible disengaged.”

And, even though Republicans are more apt to have some sort of engagement with the Bible, “[a]mong political conservatives, Bible disengaged is also the largest category, claiming more than a third (35%) of registered Republican voters.”

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