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Obeying God and Obeying God’s Servants: Five Truths from 1 Peter 2:13–17 (pt. 1)

By David Schrock - Posted at Via Emmaus: Ever since writing on the harm of endless masking , teaching on the limits of Romans 13 (see here , here , and here ), and considering how Levitical instructions about quarantine laws might help us think wisely about social distancing and sheltering at home, I’ve received numerous emails expressing deep sorrow for the ways churches have responded to Covid-19. With any such email, I always want to affirm the authority of the local church and her elders, as well as admitting the challenges faced by every church and my inability to speak to the inner workings of another church’s decisions. The problems our church faces are the not the problems that your church faces, and vice versa. Still, across the board, it does seem that one abiding problem that divides many evangelicals is how they understand passages that instruct obedience to governing authorities. Most recently, a brother asked if our church had preached on 1 Peter 2:13–17. To date, we hav

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