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Why this pastor is running for office

Deevers said that there exists considerable precedent for pastors venturing into the political realm, especially during times of national crisis.  (Image: Dusty Deevers. - Source: The Sentinel )  By Ben Zeisloft - Posted at The Sentinel: Published September 5, 2023 Dusty Deevers said in an interview with The Sentinel that his church asked him to occupy his ministerial role as he pursues a civil role amid state and federal tyranny. Rarely does a campaign advertisement for a state Senate race draw significant viewership on social media. But when Dusty Deevers announced his run for the Oklahoma Senate, his launch video went viral because he revealed that he would serve as a lawmaker even as he continues his work as a pastor. Deevers said in an interview with  The Sentinel  that his church asked him to occupy both roles as state and federal tyranny threatens their flourishing as a community.   Deevers currently serves alongside a plurality of elders as a bivocational minister at Grace Com