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Feds tell school to let ‘transgenders’ use female locker rooms, or lose millions of dollars

Posted at Tennessee Christian News: A school district near Chicago, Palatine 211, provides numerous accommodations for transgender students, The Daily Signal reports. The district calls the students by requested names, honors selected gender (including allowing them to play on the sports teams of the gender they identify as belonging to), and permits them to use single-sex bathrooms, since stalls ensure privacy. But the federal government has decided that the district is still guilty of violating Title IX, the law prohibiting sex-based discrimination, over certain locker room restrictions. “District 211 is not excluding transgender students from their gender-identified locker room,” said district superintendent Daniel Cates in a statement. “Though our position has been inaccurately reported, a transgender student may use his or her gender-identified locker room simply by utilizing individual measures of privacy when changing clothes or taking showers.” Read more here... See also: Dept.

Illinois School District Refuses to Allow Boy in Girls’ Locker Room, Defying Obama Administration

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: CHICAGO — A school district in the Chicago area is remaining steadfast in its refusal to allow a male student who identifies as female to change in the girls’ locker room despite an opinion from the U.S. Department of Education that the district is violating federal law. According to reports, an unidentified high school student within Township High School District 211 requested to use the girls’ locker room nearly two years ago since the student asserts that they identify as female. But the district declined, citing the privacy concerns of the other students. It in turn offered the student a private location to change, but the student rejected the accommodation. He then contacted the American Civil Liberties Union, which in turn filed a federal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education. Read more here...


Posted at Illinois Review: CHICAGO— Tuesday, Barbara Byrd-Bennett pleaded guilty in federal court today to using her position as chief executive officer of the Chicago Public Schools to guide lucrative no-bid contracts to her former employer in exchange for bribes and kickbacks, the Chicago Division of the FBI reports. In a written plea agreement, Byrd-Bennett admitted that she steered no-bid contracts worth more than $23 million to two education-consulting firms, THE SUPES ACADEMY LLC and SYNESI ASSOCIATES LLC. In exchange, Byrd-Bennett expected to receive cash kickbacks from the companies, as well as a consulting job at SUPES upon her retirement from CPS. The kickbacks were to be paid to Byrd-Bennett in the form of a “signing bonus” on the first day of her new employment, according to the plea agreement. Read more here...

Obama Demands Communal Nudity—Illinois School Balks

Posted at Culture News: President Obama has personally championed every deviant aspect of the Gay Agenda, even sexually-confused transgenderism, and has utilized every power lever of the federal government to fundamentally transform America. However, Illinois' largest high school district (in suburban Chicago) is now risking a punishing loss of federal funding for rejecting a federal order that forces a boy into the girls shower, even though the liberal-minded school administration has already allowed the boy free access to the girls toilet facilities. "For all of us, our [gender] identity is who we are. This identity, though their body doesn't match, their identity is that of the other gender. And we fully, fully support that and acknowledge that. [But] At some point, we have to balance the privacy rights of 12,000 students with other particular, individual needs of another group of students. Our principles that we stand on are the ones that define who we are." --