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American missionary pilot, 2 others released from Mozambique prison

Ryan and Annabel Koher and their two sons.  (Source:  Posted at The Christian Post: An American missionary pilot and two other men who were jailed in Mozambique for more than four months on suspicion of supporting insurgents in the war-torn nation have been released from prison. Ryan Koher and two South Africans, W.J. du Plessis and Eric Dry, left prison late Tuesday afternoon, according to the U.S.-based ministry Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Koher is said to be “doing well” following his release and has spoken multiple times with his wife, Annabel, and his two sons since his release, a spokesperson told The Christian Post. All three men are required to remain in Mozambique and the case is still ongoing. Saying the organization is “grateful to the courts in Mozambique for this decision,” MAF is “continuing to learn more about next steps in the case from our legal counsel,” the spokesperson added. Continue here... See also: Missionary pilot Ryan Koher remains in

Court denies bail for missionary pilot, 2 MAF volunteers imprisoned in Mozambique

Ryan Koher with his wife Annabel and children.   (Mission Aviation Fellowship) By Anugrah Kumar - Posted at The Christian Post: Mission Aviation Fellowship, pilot's wife ask Christians worldwide to join them in prayer every Wednesday A court in Mozambique has denied bail for Ryan Koher, a pilot for the U.S.-based ministry Mission Aviation Fellowship and two of the organization's South African volunteers who were arrested more than four months ago, allegedly on suspicion of supporting insurgent activity. The ministry says the pilot has “peace from God and is committed to His will.” Koher , 31, and two South Africans — 77-year-old W.J. du Plessis and 69-year-old Eric Dry — were detained in the coastal city of Inhambane on Nov. 4 while they were loading supplies into the aircraft to be taken to church-run orphanages in the Montepuez district in the troubled Cabo Delgado Province. Their request for bail was denied earlier this month. In an update Friday, MAF said Koher’s wife, An

Killed by what they thought would save them

 By Stephen Steele - Posted at Gentle Reformation: Seventy years ago, on the last Saturday morning in January, the MV Princess Victoria left the port of Stranraer in South-West Scotland. She was heading for Ireland with 179 people on board – but never arrived. The flawed design of the ship meant that the car deck was flooded as ferocious waves pounded against her, in the worst storm anyone could remember . Distress messages were sent out, but the confusion of the storm meant that for most of the time, the wrong location was broadcast. Finally able to get their bearings, the radio operator stayed at his post, allowing others to escape. He broadcast SOS messages until the very end and was posthumously awarded the George Cross . The captain and ship’s officers all went down with the ship. 135 perished and only 44 survived. The sinking ship is vividly portrayed in the above painting by Norman Whitla (late father of RPTS Professor David). The painting shows lifeboat number four, containing

Missionary pilot Ryan Koher remains in custody in Mozambique, 6 weeks after arrest

By Bob Smietana - Posted at Baptist Press: Published December 9, 2022 (RNS) – When David Holsten first heard that missionary pilot Ryan Koher had been arrested in the city of Inhambane in southern Mozambique in early November, he was concerned but not too worried. “We thought, oh, he’s going to have to spend the night in jail,” said Holsten, president of Missionary Aviation Fellowship, a Christian ministry that has operated in Mozambique since the late 1990s. “Let’s see what we can do to help him.” Six weeks later, Koher remains in jail, with no end to his imprisonment in sight. Government officials have yet to charge the 31-year-old Koher, a pilot for Ambassador Aviation Limited, which partners with MAF, and two South African nationals who were arrested with him. Those officials, say MAF leaders, suspect the three were supporting an Islamic insurgent group in the northern part of the country. Koher had flown to Inhambane in early November to pick up a load of over-the-counter medicat


 By Bill Muehlenberg - Posted at Culture Watch : These two are hugely influential – but only one leaves an everlasting legacy: If you asked 1000 people in Melbourne or Chicago or London who Anne Van der Bijl is, probably at least 99 per cent would not have a clue. If you asked the same 1000 people who Mick Jagger or Keith Richards is, probably at least 99 per cent would have a very good idea. While the former is largely unknown, and the latter are world famous and easily recognisable, just one has left a lasting legacy. While we all know about the Rolling Stones, Anne (or as he is more well-known: “Brother Andrew”) is in the eyes of the world a mere nobody. But older Christians at least would know all about him. Here I want to compare the pair, or rather, contrast the pair. And I do this for two reasons. A new three-part documentary on the Rolling Stones is airing now on television, while Brother Andrew has just passed away – on September 27, at age 94. Let me speak to each. Continue h