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Artificial intelligence opening door for predators to sexually abuse children, experts warn

Image Source:  Artificial intelligence - Wikipedia  By Samantha Kaman - Posted at The Christian Post: Artificial intelligence has made it easier for predators to sexually abuse children and harder for law enforcement agencies to hold these bad actors accountable, according to a recent report. Britain’s top law enforcement agency, the National Crime Agency, warned that there are between 680 to 830,000 adults in the United Kingdom that pose a sexual risk to children. NCA Director General Graeme Biggar said in a recent speech that the agency highlighted how the number is “roughly 10 times the prison population” and noted that it illustrates the dangers of the internet. Due to the internet, sexual predators can easily access or share videos and images of child sexual abuse, and now, with AI, NCA has started seeing hyper-realistic images and videos of this type of content. “The use of AI for child sexual abuse will make it harder for us to identify real children who need protecting and fur

Pastor Confesses to Kidnapping and Murdering 8 Year Old Attending His Bible Camp

  David Zandstra / Gretchen Harrington / Photos courtesy of the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office By Jessica Eturralde - Posted at Ministry Watch: Published July 25, 2023 Nearly 50 years after the skeletal remains of a missing 8-year-old girl were found, a pastor confessed to police that he kidnapped and killed her. Authorities charged former pastor David Zandstra, 83, of Marietta, Georgia, on Monday with criminal homicide, murder of the first, second, and third degree, and kidnapping of a minor. According to the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s office , on August 15, 1975, Gretchen Harrington left her home at approximately 9:30 a.m. to walk to her summer Bible camp in Marple, Pennsylvania. The camp was conducted between two church campuses—Trinity Church Chapel Christian Reform Church and The Reformed Presbyterian Church next door. Zandstra was the pastor of Trinity, and Gretchen’s father was the pastor of Reformed Presbyterian. Zandstra led opening exercises at Trinity, and