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Michigan Is Passing “Hate Speech” Laws, Don’t Use The Wrong Pronouns– or Else

 By Andrew Torba - Posted at Gab News: Published July 9, 2023 A recent bill passed by the Michigan state House has ignited a contentious debate surrounding the First Amendment and the criminalization of “intimidation” on the topic of gender identity. The bill, which would elevate such actions to the level of a felony, specifically targets “disrespectful acts such as intentional misgendering.” The legislation also aims to expand Michigan’s existing ethnic intimidation law, enacted in 1988, by granting prosecutors greater authority to address acts of vandalism targeted at places of worship. The Michigan bill secured a 59 to 50 vote in the Michigan House. Republican State Representative Steve Carra voiced concerns about the potential ramifications of the expansion, particularly in relation to free speech. While acknowledging the importance of combatting actual threats, violence, and crime, Carra expressed unease about constructing legislation solely based on an individual’s feelings of fe