Planned Parenthood: A Commentary on its History and Philosophy

By Wendy Wright - Posted at Answers in Genesis:

"Not many organizations achieve the impact that Planned Parenthood (PP) has had on Western culture. At its root is an evolutionary philosophy taken to its logical conclusion that man is merely an animal in the process of evolving to his ultimate potential. Largely at public expense, PP promotes the taking of human life while denigrating biblical morality and the sanctity of human life."

In 2005 alone, Planned Parenthood received an incredible $882 million in gross revenue, with $63 million in “excess revenue” (profit). About a third of this gross revenue comes from U.S. taxpayers, and another hefty chunk comes from American corporations and foundations.1 This international “nonprofit” organization has over 120 affiliates operating more than 850 local health centers across the U.S., plus 78 partner organizations in 29 countries.

Photo courtesy Library of Congress

Margaret Sanger established the American Birth Control League (now known as Planned Parenthood). She also launched a newspaper advocating birth control called The Woman Rebel, which was declared vulgar and pornographic at the time. After being indicted for violation of postal laws for this new publication, Sanger fled to England to escape prosecution but returned later to continue the fight for her cause.

PP began as the dream of Margaret Sanger, a pro-eugenic, pro-abortion advocate.1 Between 1920 and 1922, Sanger launched the American Birth Control League (ABCL), the forerunner of Planned Parenthood. This organization was founded to maintain a so-called “fit” nation and keep society from being filled with, in the words of Sanger, “the most far-reaching peril to the future of civilization” (referring to people of different ethnic groups).1 The ABCL thus targeted low-income families as those most in need of birth control.

In 1942 after the Nazi horrors discredited outright eugenics (killing the “unfit” in order to breed a “master race”), the ABCL was renamed Planned Parenthood. At that time the organization’s affiliates made legal access to unrestricted abortion a high priority. As one medical director stated, “You can’t get adequate fertility control with contraception alone. You have got to grapple with sterilization and abortion.”1

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