Does Nikki Haley really care about Christian family values?

 By Steve Lefemine

Fake conservative Nikki Haley gratefully accepted backing for her presidential campaign from Americans for Prosperity ( and Sodomite "Marriage"** [sic] ), saying she was "honored" to have their support.

** AFP Advisory Council member, sodomite Guy Benson is "married" [sic] to his sodomite "husband" [sic].
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'Koch-backed [ Pro-Sodomite "Marriage" ] AFP Backs Nikki Haley for President In Massive Setback [sic - Vindication] for DeSantis'

Breitbart [FAKE] News

Nov 28, 2023


'AFP Advisory Council'

Americans for Prosperity


"Guy Benson is a Fox News Contributor, Political Editor of, and the host of the nationally-syndicated ‘Guy Benson Show’ on Fox News Radio."

"Guy currently resides in the Washington, DC area with his husband and dog."


'Guy Benson'

Spouse [sic] - Adam Wise (m. 2019)

Guy Benson came out as gay [sic - sodomite] in May 2015 by announcing in advance of publication that his new book, End of Discussion, would include a footnote: "Guy here. So, I'm gay [sic - sodomite]." Benson told an interviewer that "gay [sodomite] rights [sic] is not something that dominates my attentions — or my passions."

In September 2019, Benson married [sic] Adam Wise.


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