Thank God Roe Is Gone, Now Let's Not Grow Weary

 By Daniel Darling - Posted at Christian Headlines:

As expected, after the recent leak of Justice Alito’s opinion, the Supreme Court has reversed the Roe versus Wade decision. It’s hard to overestimate the significance of this decision, coming after almost fifty long, hard, excruciating years. Contrary to popular opinion, the end of Roe doesn’t mean every unborn life in America is protected, it doesn’t mean the end of abortion. But what this ruling does mean is that this issue can be debated and legislated by a democratic process rather than by judicial fiat.

So, what now? How should faithful Christians respond now that Roe versus Wade has been reversed?

First, we should take time to give thanks. I’m convinced Roe versus Wade will go down as one of the worst decisions in Supreme Court history, alongside decisions like Plessy, Dred Scott, and others. Roe’s reversal is a triumph of constitutionalism. We should rejoice that because of the courage of the five justices who voted to strike it down, the states that restrict abortion will continue to be able to do that and many image-bearers will get to see their first breaths. Even though we are disappointed by Justice Roberts refusal to join the five other justices in striking down, we can be grateful he at least voted to uphold the Hobbs case in MS. Even this opinion is in line with the majority of Americans who favor abortion restrictions at this point in a pregnancy.


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