Gay Is Okay at Baylor after All

Creator: Matthew Minard  Copyright: © 2019 Baylor University

 By Denny Burk

On Tuesday, an announcement appeared on Twitter about the formation of a new LGBTQ+ student group at Baylor University:
IT’S OFFICIAL!!! PRISM is Baylor University’s first chartered LGBTQ student organization! Thank you to all the alumni, friends, administrators, and supporters who helped get us to this historic day. #care #community #connection
#PRISMatBaylor #Baylor #LGBTQ

— PRISM at Baylor (@PRISMatBaylor) April 20, 2022
This announcement was no surprise. Students had been lobbying for the University to sanction such a group for years but had been rejected time and again by the board of regents. A year ago, the board finally relented and signaled that change was coming. The Texas Tribune reported at that time, ...


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