What you can actually do to help the persecuted church

By Christopher David - Posted at DISRN:

In the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed some distressing news about persecution of our brothers and sisters all around the world. Reports of terrorists killing people during a church service in Burkina Faso, churches in Sudan being burned down, a seminarian in Nigeria being kidnapped and murdered, an ISIS child soldier executing a Nigerian Christian student, a young Christian human rights activist arrested and beaten up in an Iranian prison — the stories flood our screens every day. What is merely news for us is a reality of life for many of our brothers and sisters around the world.

Persecution, though vile and evil, is not something that is abnormal for the church. Persecution and attacks have always been the reality throughout the church's history. God, in his infinite, and sovereign wisdom allows such sinful atrocities to be perpetrated against his children whom he loves dearly. Why? I cannot give an answer that fully satisfies, but it is what our good and loving Father allows, and our Lord Jesus certainly did promise his children trouble in this world (John 16:33). Therefore when we come across a report of persecution, the Christian's reaction is to be of shock and anger for the sin committed against our brothers and sisters, but also at the very same time not one of surprise — for this will be the reality, since evil can never make peace with the church.

When you come across news of persecution, chances are you feel deeply saddened, angered and also helpless to do anything. I know I certainly felt that way when earlier this week a report came out that said that in my country, India, there had been a 220% increase in attacks against Christians in the last six years. As a minister in a country where Christians are usually regarded as a powerless minority, this confirmed the reality we always knew was true.

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