Heroes of the Faith in Indiana History

By Russell Pulliam - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

The historian without the Spirit has a hard time grasping the impact of Christian faith in history. Faith seems silly or irrelevant. Missing faith in Christ, he has a hard time understanding Christ’s impact in others.

That very loose paraphrase of I Corinthians 2:14 helps explain some missing chapters of Indiana history.

Digging a little deeper beyond the traditional state history textbooks, it turns out that Christian faith played a significant part in the lives of several key leaders who are known more for their accomplishments than their faith in Christ. They were great leaders in many respects, yet the greatness was rooted in Christ.

James Faris and I have been teaching a church school class, Second RP, Indianapolis, on the advancement of Christ’s kingdom in Indiana history, with James majoring in the growth of denominations and me assigned to heroes of the faith in state history. The research for the class has helped me see that well-written biographies can show us the unfolding of Scriptures in a person’s life.


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