Apologia, why Mr Wilson?

Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church

By Sainted Sinner - Posted at ICXC NIKA: Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ

I have a deep and abiding respect for Jeff Durbin, he is someone I have had the pleasure to hear, meet and even eat with. I firmly believe that he is a brother in Christ who has done much good for the Kingdom of God.

It was his videos and podcast even back in the early days of the post Apologia period that taught me how to engage with Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. This all is amazing work and to try and write down all of the many great things that he has done would be a task I could not at all do. From saving the lives of countless children, I admire and envy the passion and abilities that he has.

One thing I enjoyed about the content that he and the rest of the Apologia gang produced was that it was fantastic stuff. It showed and taught believers how to engage and disarm the cults that would try to decieve people. The Gospel would be proclaimed, defended and victorious as so many of the audio and online videos show.

It has been confusing to see then, Pastor Durbin and Apologia strike up such a friendship with Doug Wilson of Moscow Idaho...


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