Bill Johnson explains why Bethel is praying for 2-year-old’s resurrection

By Jeannie Law - Posted at The Christian Post:

Bill Johnson, senior pastor of Bethel Church, addressed critics who said he and his church are interfering with the sovereignty of God by praying for the resurrection of his worship leader’s daughter who was pronounced dead on Saturday.

Johnson explained that he and his church family believe God has called them to follow the precedent that Jesus set forth by commanding His followers to raise the dead.

"Saturday, just a few days ago, we had a great tragedy, one of the key individuals in our world, their 2-year-old little girl died, quite unexpectedly, just out of nowhere. So we've been praying for the miracle of God. Mom and dad, Andrew and Kelly, have asked us to pray for resurrection. We've joined with them," Johnson said in a video clip posted on Wednesday.

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  1. Editor's Note: I've heard many disturbing things about Bethel Church and Bill Johnson, but this is the most mind-boggling yet. In fact, this qualifies as spiritual abuse IMO. If you know anyone who attends this man's cult gathering, please warn them to leave immediately.


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