'Wheaton College Students Sue Chicago After Evangelism Restricted in Millennium Park'

Wheaton College students Caeden Hood, from left, Gabriel Emerson, Matthew Swart, Daniel Allen and Jeremy Chong at Millennium Park, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019. All of them except Allen are suing the city because of rules they believe infringe on their ability to exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion at Millennium Park. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

By Steve Warren - Posted at CBN:

A group of four Wheaton College students is pushing back after Chicago's Millennium Park restricts any type of evangelism.

The park is one of the Windy City's top tourist attractions. It hosts almost 25 million visitors every year and is the number one tourist attraction in the Midwestern US, according to Wikipedia. But now the city is limiting access to those who want to share the gospel.

"An essential part of Christianity is sharing the gospel," said Jeremy Chong, a sophomore at the college, told the Chicago Tribune.

The four students have used the park to preach and hand out evangelistic literature. On Wednesday, they filed a lawsuit over new park rules, saying the rules restrict their right to free speech in a public forum and infringe on the students right to exercise their religion.


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