The Counseling of Homosexuals Should Not Neglect Educating to the Facts

By Dr. Joe Renfro - Posted at the Christian Observer:

In an article from the WorldNet Daily entitled, “Counselor ordered to argue for homosexuality,” it brings out that counselors must not seek to help homosexual clients change their homosexual orientation in counseling sessions, but they must offer only “gay affirmative” arguments. This relates to counselors both in private and public schools, and it is a sad picture.

For example, The council committee in Cincinnati, Ohio voted 7-2 to impose a city ordinance that would make reparative therapy for minors struggling with same-sex attraction or gender confusion illegal, whether the teenager wants the therapy or not and whether the youth’s parents want the therapy for their child or not; and the proposed ordinance would levy a $200-a-day, $6,000-a-month fine on any counselor who tries to help a sexually confused teen. (“Cincinnati imposes massive fines on counselors who help youth with unwanted gay attractions” – by Father Mark Hodges, LifeSightNews, December 8, 2016)

One of the great villains designated by the America Psychiatric Association is the “conversion therapy,” also known as the “reparative therapy,” which has been was used by conservative Christian counselors to help clients deal with homosexual attractions. The APA in 1998 rejected this practice and ultimately any form of counseling that sought to deliver individuals from homosexuality. The APA describes attempts to change sexual orientation by practitioners as unethical.

But, in 2001, Dr. Robert Spitzer published a report showing that a majority of gay men and lesbians who sought “re-orientation” therapy were able to achieve fulfilling heterosexual relationships in time. (Robert L. Spitzer, “Can some gay men and lesbians change their sexual orientation? 200 participants reporting a change from homosexual to heterosexual orientation,” Archives of Sexual Behavior, Oct. 2003, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 403-417)