Passion 2017: A Passion For Experience, A Disregard For the Word

By Bud Ahlheim - Posted at Pulpit & Pen:

The Passion Conference just wrapped up its 20th anniversary with a massive crowd of millennials in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The event, running from January 2 –4, saw over 50,000 eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds * packing the venue in order to, according to the Passion 2017 website, “see a generation leverage their lives for what matters most.”

To accomplish this noble task, the event’s front man, Pastor Louis Giglio, gathered a wide array of notable “celebrity Christian” personalities to prance, dance, proclaim and croon across the platform. False teachers aside, the stellar celebrity Christian line-up must’ve been a deal even at the $209 at-the-door ticket price.

(* The conference website is explicit in discouraging those under 18 in attending and, other than what it calls “Door Holders,” discourages anyone over 25 -except leaders of groups of millennials – from attending. Children are not welcome.)

Among this year’s featured participants were the false teaching pastrix Christine Caine, the SBC’s resident recipient of revelation Beth Moore, and Hillsong New York’s “I’ve been on Oprah downplaying Christ” Carl Lentz.