The Political Gospel {and other things I won’t fall for this election season}

By Kendra Broekhuis

I think it is safe to say that our country has lost its ever loving mind over the upcoming election. My sister shared the perfect meme: “I feel like Trump and Clinton are two divorced parents fighting for custody of us, and we just want to go live with Grandma.”

I post very little about politics on social media, because literally nobody has asked for my opinion. But I’m not here to try to convince you to vote for a specific candidate. I’m here to share a few of the things I'm upset about, a few of the things I won’t fall for in regards to my Christian faith and the upcoming election.

I’ll try to be brief, because Moses knows we have ingested enough of the words “Trump” and “Clinton” to make us all just want to move in with Grandma.



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