Giuliani on How Men Talk

Rudy Giuliani
(Gage Skidmore - Wikipedia)

By Dr. Gary North

Rudy Giuliani is some sort of advisor/counselor/apologist for Trump. They are both in trouble.

He told Jake Tapper: "Men, at times, talk like that."

Tapper said he had never heard anything like this. Neither have I.

Trump is 70 years old. I am 74. We are not quite the same generation, but we are close. Giuliani is in between: 72. Let me assure you: their experience is not my experience.

I begin with a simple thesis: how boys talk about girls at age 15 will shape how they talk about women for the rest of their lives.


The 1960's through the summer of 1964 were really an extension of 1955-59. The teenage etiquette of the late 1950's still prevailed. (I date the arrival of "the sixties" with the free speech movement at the University of California, Berkeley, in the fall of 1964. The arrival of the Beatles the previous February was noisy but harmless.)

They were sexually inexperienced. Those who weren't -- and I never knew one -- did not talk about their "exploits." The rest of us would not have believed them. "What makes you special?"

OK, maybe in the "bad boys" crowd there were experienced boys. But I had no contact with them.

In the circles I ran in, meaning college-bound males, we were interested in college-bound girls. In my grade level, the popular girls were smart (verifiable), articulate (verifiable), and chaste (assumed). They were not pushovers in the classroom or outside the classroom. They were class acts -- mostly classier than us bumbling males. At best, we caught up in the senior year.

You may think: "That was a different era." You would be correct. But it was Trump's era, too.


  1. Angela, if you have time you may want to watch the two videos by James White. Lord bless you!

    1. Thanks Maria! I'll try to watch them as time permits. :)


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