Kaine cites Genesis 1, pope to support gay marriage

By David Roach - Posted at Baptist Press:

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine told the Human Rights Campaign
Sept. 10 he advocates "full, complete, unconditional support for marriage equality."
Screen capture from YouTube - (Baptist Press)
"...because my church also teaches me about a creator in the first chapter of Genesis, who surveys the entire world including mankind and [says], 'It is very good,'" Kaine said, referencing Genesis 1:31. "Pope Francis famously said, 'Who am I to judge?' And to that I want to add: Who am I to challenge God for the beautiful diversity of the human family? I think we're supposed to celebrate it, not challenge it." - Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine
WASHINGTON (BP) -- In a speech to America's largest pro-gay lobbying group, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine said the Bible buttresses his support of same-sex marriage. And he predicted the Roman Catholic Church eventually will change its mind on the issue, like he has.

Evangelical theologians, however, said Kaine appeared to distort biblical teaching and Catholic doctrine in service of a political agenda.

Speaking Sept. 10 at the annual Human Rights Campaign (HRC) dinner in Washington, Kaine called himself a "devout Catholic" and acknowledged the Catholic Church is opposed to same-sex marriage, according to a video of the speech posted online.