A Former Victim Speaks: When Doug [Wilson] Wrote To My Father

By Natalie Rose Greenfield - Posted at My Naptime Journal:

It's been a while since I've blogged here. My general sentiment when it comes to blogging about my experience of sexual abuse within the church is to 'write when the spirit says write' and it's been over a year since I've felt the need to do so. This was my last post, if you're a first-time reader here you can fill yourself in on my backstory there. But in light of the recent and rather broad coverage of the Steven Sitler situation (and tangentially the Jamin Wight situation) I feel the need to issue a current statement of my own and do a little dismantling.

There seems to be a sentiment shared by many of Doug Wilson's supporters that I am something of a banshee - bitter, angry and screaming lies and slander about the way Christ Church handled the abuse and everything that followed. Only the thing is, I'm not. I desire change, not vengeance. I'm not even worried about getting some personal apology from the church for the pain inflicted on me. Is a mass apology warranted? Absolutely. Are drastic changes in the way the church at large handles sexual abuse called for? Most definitely. But my own personal agenda actually has very little to do with me and everything to do with other innocent women and children in the church.

Editor's Note: Please read the actual letters from Doug Wilson to Natalie's father in which he tries to shift blame on the father and tells how he and his "elders" considered withholding the Lord's Supper from him. This account is just as disturbing as the child sex scandal regarding Steven Sitler in which Mr. Wilson is also involved. My question is what credentials does Doug Wilson hold that makes him qualified to counsel child sex abusers or to even pastor a church? I have found no proof that  he has been ordained or licensed to preach. - AW


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