The sad truth about the Planned Parenthood videos

By Dr. Joel McDurmon - Posted at The American Vision:

The hard and fast truth is this: Americans want abortion, they just don’t want gruesome abortion. We can raise awareness and money by focusing on the gruesome, but you cannot make much, if any, progress against the murder itself.
What follows will sound cynical and depressing, but it is merely a reality check. I do not believe any legal action or legislation will come of the recent Planned Parenthood videos, and I think we have already witnessed the decline or near-disappearance of what impact they will have. We need to start considering why and to learn from it.

I have struggled to bring myself to be able to admit this publicly, but I believe it is the truth, and I thought so from the beginning. Like everyone else, when I first saw the videos, I immediately lit up with optimism: “this is a bombshell!” Not just a bombshell, but the bombshell we need.

It took only a few moments of thinking, however, and I made a call to a good friend of mine—a battle-scarred veteran of the hard pro-life movement. He knows all facets of it inside and out, and he would certainly be able to answer whether this was really a bombshell, or, as I had a hunch, not. He confirmed my conscience: this has been going on for years, has been exposed in the past, the politicians have known all along, and yet it never harms the abortion industry. The only thing these videos add is how gruesome the industry can be, and how cold and indifferent its drones are behind the scenes.

None of this is enough to change the problem, mainly because the focus of the outrage is misplaced. It is placed on the gruesomeness instead of the nature of abortion itself—murder. Note the distinction well: the first is an emotional category, the latter is judicial and ethical. The emotional category is the focus, and an emotional argument can be met, manipulated, and overcome by more emotion.

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