Posted at The Darling Princess:

Behaving in such a way as to prepare and preserve the future for the next generations seems like a forgotten concept. Duty and sacrifice are not the norm in our culture. I think it was in our history, or we wouldn’t have had a Revolutionary War. Men of renown pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to ensure a free nation.

I was a child in the late 60s and 70s. It was a tumultuous time for many, maybe even most people. The draft was a big impact on me. My father was a draft dodger. He was gone for months, but unlike the servicemen, he sculked around when he was home. He was had no sense of duty to anyone. Some men came back injured, mentally and or physically, but they had done their duty. Progressive college professors turned the youth against them after a while and there was a shame in war. I don’t advocate for war and I know that the wars of that time were wrought with injustice, as is the case always.

During that same period in our history birth control and abortion were not prosecuted and by 1973 were no longer illegal. The dramatic shift in duty and responsibility had opened Pandora’s Box. We can never go back. Millions upon millions of women were availing themselves of the developing pharmaceutical boon. There were all sorts of medical advances to be tested on American women. Many women were taking drugs for all sorts of ailments with little research, little tracking, and little follow-up.