Jesus Calling and the PCA

By Todd Pruitt - Posted at Reformation 21:

Published July 2, 2024

During the week of June 10, 2024 the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) held its 51st Annual General Assembly in Richmond, VA. Present were 2,160 commissioners, making it the third highest attended General Assembly in PCA history. The week was marked by times of reverent worship and faithful preaching. As always it was a blessing to be with so many fellow elders from around the country all united to further God’s glory in our beloved denomination.

Among the matters under consideration was Overture 33 which requests reports from the permanent committees of Mission to the World (MTW) and the PCA’s discipleship ministry (CDM) concerning their history, if any, with the book Jesus Calling by long-time PCA missionary Sarah Young.

There have been many accusations flying around social and print media accusing the PCA of appointing a committee to trash the book of a recently deceased author. However, what the Assembly actually approved is far from that.