Parents, Choose Your Christian College Carefully

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog:

Published August 2, 2023

The Religion News Service (RNS) reports, “Whitworth University, a Christian school affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), has revised its policies to allow for the hiring of faculty who identify as LGBTQ and to add sexual orientation to its non-discrimination statement.” The report adds that Whitworth is among a “sliver” of Christian colleges who have made the decision to hire “faculty in same-sex marriages.” Included in this list are Eastern University (American Baptist Churches USA) and, according to Vincent Funaro, writing for the Christian Post, “Goshen College in Indiana and Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia announced on Monday that they will now hire faculty who are in same-sex marriages.” Both schools are tied to the Mennonite Church USA. These moves have caused tensions with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. In 2017, all seven members of the faculty senate at Gordon College resigned because the college refused to promote a faculty member who criticized the school’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

As important as a school’s official stance toward same-sex marriage is, and the LGBTQ agenda generally, this is what is happening among students and faculty. For example, when the president of Gordon College publicly opposed same-sex marriage, it stirred controversy among students and faculty who, according to a report in the campus paper, disagreed strongly with the president’s stance. Some schools have officially approved LGBTQ student groups. Others have unofficial groups.


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